10 Tips For Incoming Freshman In College

Being a freshman is hard enough but when you are in college, the game changes completely.

1. Make friends


Trust me; this is probably the most important. You are bound to be overwhelmed, stressed, and sad, but fear not! If you surround yourself with a great group of friends, you will have a shoulder to lean on, and they will provide support for you when you are feeling down.

2. Make a schedule


Making a schedule is so important. Buy a planner and write down all of your important assignments so you don't forget them. Before I had a planner, it was so hard for me to keep track of all of my tasks but once I got one, it made my life so much easier. It also allows you to plan out your free time to hang out with your friends or binge your favorite show.

3. Clean your space


There is nothing better than coming back to a clean room at the end of a stressful day. Your room is your safe space where you can relax and take a deep breath before facing the world again. Take time out of your week to declutter your space.

4. Don't study in your room


Your room is your space to relax so if you study in your room, your brain will think that your room is a place for work instead of relaxation. Find a library or a lounge near you to study in so when you are finished you can go to your room and relax.

5. Plug your things in at night


There is nothing worse than getting to class and finding out your laptop is at 5%. Make sure you have a routine at night before you go to bed and plug in all of your devices that you are going to use the next day.

6. Pick a laundry day


Laundry is important. You need to pick a day in the week for you that works so you can have clean laundry for the week ahead of you. Pick a day that the laundry room isn't busy because if you pick a busy day someone will move your laundry and you will have to find it.

7. Support your sport teams


Going to spring events on campus will give you a sense of pride even if your team loses. Every time I go to a football game, I'm like "wow, I go here." That may sound weird, but it is a great feeling.

8. Shower shoes


If you live in a dorm with a community bathroom shower shoes are a must. You don't know what happens in those showers so just go to your local dollar store and buy a cheap pair of flip flops.



Luckily for me, I have not been run over by a bike but others have not been so fortunate. Just be aware of where you are walking and do NOT walk near or in the bike lane.

10. College isn't for everyone


AND THAT IS COMPLETELY OKAY!!!!! If you get to college and you don't like it, withdraw, simple as that. You don't have to do something that you don't like, or if it puts too much pressure on you, it is okay to leave and take time to establish yourself before or if you want to try again.

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