10 Things You Only Hear When You're in Buffalo
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10 Things You Only Hear When You're in Buffalo

Buffalonians share a unique culture. How many of these things do you recognize?

10 Things You Only Hear When You're in Buffalo

Ah, to be a Buffalonian. In the midst of a resurrection of the thriving culture that we once had in the 1900's, those who call the Queen City home share a unique community that has some of the most interesting phrases among them. Only in Buffalo will you hear these collections of words strung together, that will likely utterly confuse anyone who isn't from around here. Are you a Buffalonian? I'm sure you can relate!

1. "I wanna grab some pizza logs."

Pizza logs, for you non-Buffalonians, are like mozzarella sticks, only better. Not only just containing mozzarella, pizza logs also have crunchy pepperoni and delectable sauce, deep fried to golden perfection. Only in Western New York can you eat these bites of heaven, so the rest of the world is left out... for now.

2. "Wanna get some Mighty?"

Mighty Taco, the local Mexican chain, absolute craps on Taco Bell and it's international presence. Mighty is never a short drive away when you're in Buffalo, and even though it's the most predominant taco place, you can also check out Lloyd's Taco Truck, Elmwood Taco and Subs, and Ziggy's. If you want Mexican food, look no further than Western New York.

3. "Did you hear about the Canalside lineup?"

When summer rolls around, pretty much all of Buffalo heads downtown to the canal docks at least once. Free concerts there are held every Thursday night, and if Canalside's concerts aren't enough, there is also a naval museum, a large park to walk around, a restaurant, and plenty of places to drink. Food trucks also stop by during concert season. Plus, music festivals are often held there by various radio stations. There's always something going on down by the Erie Canal.

4. "Man, I wish we had Uber around here."

Buffalo is the only city with an NFL team that doesn't have Uber. And considering that our underground subway system only runs along Main Street, people mainly commute to places using their cars. We do have a bus system, but I don't know many people who use it, and the same goes for taxis. Though, I have been seeing more and more people use their bikes, thanks to designated bike lanes growing around the area. Still, we could use a new form of communication around the city, be it a subway, Uber, or neither!

5. "Whaddya mean you've never had loganberry?"

Loganberry, for those of you poor souls uncultured in Buffalo ways, is a local drink delicacy that shuns all other fruity drinks you can have. A hybrid of juice and soda (aka POP), Loganberry is deliciously, sugary sweet, without the signature fizz that is common in vending machine drinks. A local tea place I frequent also has an option for Loganberry bubble tea. It's absolutely, undoubtedly delicious, and is a Buffalo secret.

6. "I like Eich."

No, not Eisenhower. Jack Eichel, one of the newest additions to the Buffalo Sabres, is considered by many to be the saving grace of our beloved hockey team. At only 19, Jack has been welcomed by Buffalonians with open arms, and as the Sabres continue to grow and improve, we can be sure that Eichel is the one guiding them. I don't know much about hockey, but what I DO know is that Eichel is one of the best players we've seen in a long time, and we are very grateful to have him here.

7. "Wanna go to SPoT?"

SPoT Coffee, local coffee chain and hipster hangout, is the place to be if you're looking for a new and improved Starbucks. Featuring teas, pizzas, and sandwiches on the menu, SPoT is a cool place to do some studying, catch up with friends, and find out what's going on around town. The suburbs around Buffalo also have SPoTs, catering to the individual look and lifestyle of Western New York neighborhoods. You're never far from one when you're in the 716!

8. "Ever been to Larkin?"

Larkin Square of Larkinville is an up and coming small park that offers absolutely everything. Situated across from an awesome, organic pizza place called Hydraulic Hearth, Larkin Square offers live music, local merchants selling their wares, alcoholic beverages, and, of course, the beloved Food Truck Tuesday, where food trucks of all caliber roll up and sell their food to hungry customers. Plus, many of the buildings surrounding Larkin Square are being renovated for various purposes, be it lofts or businesses. It's cool to see a once dead neighborhood come back to life!

9. "Are you going to any shows at Shea's next season?"

Think of Shea's Performing Arts Center as our little slice of Broadway. Right in the heart of downtown lies this crown gem of a theater that has six touring Broadway shows come throughout the year, with special engagements as well as concerts being staples as well. Though the shows that Shea's offers is unmatched, what really shines is the building itself, with it's beautiful light fixtures, gorgeous ceiling, beautiful lobby, and pristine balconies. There are even a few ghost stories about the place for those who love a scare. All in all, Shea's always delivers something for everyone.

10. "My city smells like Cheerios."

All Cheerios shipped to the eastern side of North America are made in Buffalo. Whenever you go downtown or fly over the Skyway, the Cheerios are there to greet you, creating a unique scent that is exclusively Buffalonian. Even from miles away, all the cereal being manufactured can be smelled from various points in the heart of the city, may it be a church, or even a park. Though the General Mills plant remains a testimony to the city's slow progress from industrial to technological, it remains a part of our history, and gives the city an aroma of warmth.

Buffalo is truly one of a kind. But what really makes it unique is the people who live there: Sharing food, shops, and experiences you can't find anywhere else. If I have managed to convince at least one person to come check out my city, then I have done my job right. Hope to see you soon!

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