10 Necessary To Dos After Graduation
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Student Life

10 Necessary To Dos After Graduation

So you walked across the stage and got your fake diploma...now what?

10 Necessary To Dos After Graduation
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So, you walked across the stage and got your fake piece of paper. Now what?

Some people are blessed and are moving across the country for their new lives; however, you’re stuck with mom and dad because you can’t afford to even breathe. Despite the lack of adventure, there are plenty of things you can do to “better” your situation and life.

Here’s 10 things to do after you graduate:


I mean, you sacrificed yourself for the last four (five) years. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments! Get some friends together, go into the city, and party it up! Just be sure to drink responsibly and call James the Uber driver to pick you up and bring you safely home.


After being away from home, you don’t know who or what has been in your bed. It’s best to not take the risk and was those bad boys just in case there’s some hazardous bodily fluids.


What’s done is done, and it is CLEARLY time to move on. You want to be taken seriously? It’s time to rid yourself of “Friday Nite Boi” or “Blondie from bar.” YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEIR FIRST NAME, let alone their last, so it’s time to go. You don’t mean anything to them, other than a quick fix. Consider yourself an object of pleasure rather than desire.


You’re technically considered an adult now, so it’s time to part with that over-sized, grease stained sweatshirt that got you through most of your all-nighters and 8 AM classes. Take yourself seriously and get rid of the clothes you no longer need or the tops that have been sitting in the same spot for the last 5 years. Trust me, you’re not going to wear it.


a. We all have them. Ya know…those “friends” you only talked to in class so you could get notes from them or that person you just so happen to stalk in the hall every single day. It’s time for them to go. Why keep people around you don’t necessarily like or even know?


You no longer have the excuse that the food at school sucks. You’re an adult and it’s time to step away from the Ramen and say hello to those fruits, vegetables, and workout plans you’ve been neglecting. Start simple and continue to work your way up.


I truly mean it. Go outside and take a deep breath because it will feel amazing. No more homework, papers, projects, deadlines, professors, or alarms. Take advantage of your time off and get the hell outside.


You know, that book you “started” to read your freshmen year of college. Pick it up and immerse yourself into a new world that is far, far away from this hell-hole we call Earth.


Those loans are not going to magically disappear, even though that would be FAN-F***ING-TASTIC if they could! But, let’s be real…you only get a solid 6 months. Be sure to plan ahead and come up with a realistic plan to pay back what’s been borrowed.


You’re done with the all-nighters, and your S.O. has felt left out since you’ve been away. Be sure to give your bed the attention it deserves by slumbering for those recommended 8 hours. YOU DESERVE IT!

CONGRATS on becoming a debt-driven member of society! I wish you the best of luck as you begin your exciting journey into the real-world! No matter what happens, always know that you'll never have a sheet of paper that cost more than life itself...if one could even put a price on life.

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