10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For My Finals
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Student Life

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For My Finals

I encourage every student with finals coming up to remember the important things in life. Like Chic-fil-A lemonade, or Netflix.

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For My Finals

I attend a rigorous and prestigious university, and I have yet to actually study for a test. I have tried, of course, I just never seem to be able to focus my mind enough to learn about a subject for more than… a half hour. (If that.) My problem isn’t that I don’t care; I promise that I want to do well on the test! There just seems to be so much more that I could be doing instead!

So, here you have it: A list of 10 things that I would rather be doing than studying for my finals. And in all likelihood, here is also a list of reasons why I am going to fail my finals.

1. Netflix. Always Netflix.

"Grey’s Anatomy," "Young & Hungry," "FRIENDS," "Parks & Rec," "The Office," "Shameless," "The Fosters," "Pretty Little Liars," "Arrested Development," MUST I GO ON? How am I supposed to study and dedicate my time to mathematics when I know that these shows are calling my name and only a click of a mouse away?! The invention of this website was cruel, and designed to weed out the students that like to have fun in college overdoing their work, I swear! This is not a conspiracy. This is fact. I am on to you.

2. Target

Waco is not exactly filled with places to go and things to do. But we have our precious Target. The place we visit for a quick minute, and exit wondering what day it is. I guarantee there are at least 12 things I need from Target at this very moment.

3. Magnolia Table

I’ve heard of it. I’ve seen the Instagram stories of it. I need to be there. Or just try to directly track down Chip Gaines… but visiting this quaint breakfast place that he has touched and helped create just seems like less effort.

4. Call My Mom

I told her I would. I have yet to, but there is always time to be the daughter that she brags to her friends about. If she asks about studying, I’ll just say I’m… taking a little break. Yeah! Just a little tiny lifetime long break.

5. Hangout with Literally Anybody I Know

Her contact name in my phone is “Girl I Sat Next To in History Class.” I have forgotten which history class. Going to grab lemonade from Chic-Fil-A doesn’t sound too bad right now though.

6. Sing in Public

I know it is sure to hurt both my ears and the ears of those around me. Possibly worse than any sort of wound I could inflict on them with weaponry. And yet, to avoid my eyes bugging out from staring at the little black words on the huge white page, I might just do it. Song requests, anyone?

7. Makeup That Test I Missed 12 Weeks Ago

This is still schoolwork, technically. It requires some effort and it will most definitely be awkward trying to invent an excuse as to why I have not taken it before now. My dog ate my homework no longer works. I was sick or had a doctor’s appointment no longer works. What happened to the good ole days?

8. Eat at Penland on a Sunday

If you’ve been to Waco on the glorious Sabbath or whatever, you know that Sunday turns this already quiet place into a ghost town. And not the cute singing ancestor ghosts in Mulan. This ghost town is empty. Picture a large, brown tumbleweed rolling across the screen. The wind whistles and sand shifts noisily. Now imagine Penland, resting in the center. If you ask anyone on campus, Penland Crossroads is not the first place they consider when looking for good food. Penland resides beside my dorm and thus is practically my home. The residents and chefs are my family. And I am allowed to make fun of family thank God, because it is truly awful. Sunday means there will perhaps be a lone ear of corn with a kernel or two still on... The skin of a potato. An ice cube. That is all. But because studying is my alternative, I will swallow that meal and suck on that ice cube like it is a popsicle delivered straight from heaven. God freaking bless.

9. Doodle

My class notes are more commonly referred to as my masterpieces. I will continue to draw loops and bubble letters until the end of time. Try and stop me.

10. Write This Article

Finals are less than a month away. I know the date I must take them. I know which classes I have, and what chapters I need to study. And here I sit, writing this article. Will I stop at nothing to avoid studying?

I pause here like Spongebob in the Procrastination episode, pen hovering anxiously above paper, but frozen in mid-air. There is a chance that I may never study. And there is an even greater chance that I will survive nonetheless. School is not always enjoyable, and it should be taken seriously, but it is not the start nor the end of my universe. I believe in friendships and relationships and passion and enjoying life. If a Toyota Camry were to hit me tomorrow, I would remember the lives and love that surrounded me, not the time spent studying.

I encourage every student with finals coming up to remember the important things in life. Like Chic-fil-A lemonade, or Netflix. Maybe even give your mom a call. Life is too short to be spent studying or worrying about why you aren’t studying enough. Have fun. And if you fail out of school, give me a call. Because I’m sure we will both have plenty of time to hang out.

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