10 Lessons meredith and Derek Shepherd taught Us About Love
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10 Lessons meredith and Derek Shepherd taught Us About Love

"So pick me. choose me. love me".

10 Lessons meredith and Derek Shepherd taught Us About Love

I just started watching Grey's Anatomy and the last few months, and choosing this show to binge has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've grown attached to every single character, as if they were individuals in my own life. I also have found parallels in my own life, specifically in Derek and Meredith's relationship. From the moment they met at the bar during the early stages of Meredith's internship, to Derek's tearjerking death in season eleven, they've made us fall in love with them. They had their ups and downs, but I think they taught us a lot about love.

1. Love is worth fighting for:

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Derek fought for Meredith's life physically and metaphorically. Yes he physically saves her from an icy death, but mentally he pulls her out of an ocean of negative thoughts that she is mentally drowning in after her mother's death. Instead of putting his own needs first, he gives her time to heal.

2. Love is worth waiting for.



During Derek's rocky relationship with Addison, Meredith pleads with him to choose her, and ultimately he chooses to settle things with his wife. Even though Meredith is extremely brokenhearted she never loses love for Derek, nor does he for her. In the end all that waiting pays off, as the old adage says, if you love someone set it free, and if it comes back they were yours.

3. If you love someone you'll pick them when they're at their lowest point.



Throughout their entire relationship Meredith and Derek had their fair share of breakdowns, but one that really struck me was Derek's after a botched surgery, and a number of failed clinical trials. Meredith never gave up on him and continued to be his moral support, even after their huge fight resulting in a missing engagement ring in the woods. They are each other's motivation and support to continue saving lives, even when it feels like their own are falling apart.

4. Love is not materialistic.



Derek and Meredith share their love on their wedding day with Izzie and Alex, and instead of having a grand wedding as planned they profess their love to each other on a sticky note. Their act of kindness towards their friends, and their meaningful but small gesture towards each other proves they love each other regardless of material worth.

5. Love means making compromises.



We all remember this iconic episode with Meredith's romantic gesture of a blueprint of candles for her and Derek's future house. Meredith was always very frightened of living a cookie cutter lifestyle after watching her parent's relationship fall apart at a young age. Derek on the other hand wanted a perfect life with the woman he loved. Meredith put her fears aside and made a compromise to move in with him. That in my estimation is one of the most selfless acts of love that they ever made to each other.

I have found parallels in my own life to their relationship, such as living with my boyfriend, or making compromises in order to make him happy, and honestly I've learned a lot from them about love, not just how to conduct a craniotomy. If you're reading this and have never watched Grey's GO WATCH IT, so that you can fall in love with Meredith and Derek the way half of America has.

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