10 things I Learned My Freshman Year of College
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10 things I Learned My Freshman Year of College

"College is the best years of your life"... Im starting to believe this

10 things I Learned My Freshman Year of College

It’s crazy to think that it has only been a year since I graduated high school. I remember that once May hit last year a day didn't pass when I didn’t shed a tear about leaving my comfortable life and how hard it would be to start over in a new place. I wasn't ready to leave my family, friends, hometown, and so much more…. BUT I’m so thankful for my freshman year of college. It was a blast and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The friends, memories, and lessons I gained from freshman year are unforgettable and I’m so glad God placed me at UMHB because it’s my new home away from away home and I love it there. Now here and 10 things that freshman year taught me.

1. How to “adult”

Although this didn’t happen to often and if it did it came with several phone calls to mom and often ended with me treating myself to Starbucks because what I did was just SO stressful. However, I did learn how to do more adult things. Whether it was making adult phone calls, going to the grocery store by myself, learning where to get stamps, listening to the news and actually caring about it or just telling myself no when I really wanted to go shopping. Freshman year made me grow up and face reality just a little more. Also special s/o to my mom who always helped me through my “adulting” struggles.

2. DONT stay up late every night

During the first semester of freshman year me and my pals would constantly stay up till 2AM or later. Let me tell you, staying up late and 8ams do not mix at all. Go to sleep at a decent at hour based on your class schedule… also it is okay to leave your friends early because sleep is important. Luckily during the spring semester we all learned to go to sleep a little earlier.

3. Naps are important…. & you will take a lot of them

I’ve heard many people say how they wish they didn’t take nap time in kindergarten for granted, well let me tell you college is the time when you get a do over. Naps suddenly become part of your routine and then you wonder how you ever made it through your day without at least a two-hour nap. If it gets really bad you will take any time for nap even if it’s only precisely 7 minutes and 15 seconds or your friends can clearly tell a difference in your mood based on if you have had a nap or not. Do not take naps for granted a second time around.

PS. Friday afternoon naps are the best!!!

4. Don’t study with friends

You may think studying with friends is a great idea and that yall will get so much done but this I’m sorry to say is a lie. The chances of yall studying for more than 15 minutes of uninterrupted time is very very slim. You will leave your study sesh knowing more about whats happening in your friends netflix show then whats happening in your psyc class. Once you all accept this it’s easier to speak up and say that "you really need to study so I’m going to my room and please don’t speak to me." However, occasionally going to a cute coffee shop with your girls to pretend to study is fun:)

5. Stay in sometimes…but also go out and have fun

Yes, staying in playing uno and watching movies can be tons of fun but it doesn’t hurt to go out occasionally and have a good time. Some of my favorite nights are going out with my girls and dancing together like it is nobody’s business. To us the best part of the night was getting ready together, jamming out, and hyping each other up because let’s be real we all slay!! Find a good balance of staying in and going out because both nights are tons of fun and bring you closer with your friends.

6. How to make friends

Coming from a small private school I've had the same friends since kindergarten and its basically unknown how we all became such great friends, so the thought of having to make new friends can really freak you out butttt nevertheless you will make friends. It isn’t that hard and God has a way of placing just the right people in your life at the right time. Nothing says friendship like crying with someone you just met 8 hours ago over how much you both love One Direction. The friends you make in college are the best and I beyond thankful for the ones I’ve been blessed with.

7. How to enjoy catching up with old pals

Although your new friends in college are great don’t forget about your old pals from back home. Freshman year helped me learn how much I love catching up and hearing about everyone’s new lives and friends. Whether it was a quick phone call complaining about something, getting letters from some of my favorite people, a few hours on facetime telling each other what we miss about home and what we love about college, or just those random texts saying “I miss and love you okay bye.” I always enjoyed hearing from my pals. The conversations are still just as sweet and its always great to hear a familiar voice.

8. How to be alone

The first few weeks of college I didn’t have the courage to ask my new friends to hang out (aka just sit near me while we both watch Netflix on our phones) so I spent a lot of time by myself. At first it was hard and it made me sad because I missed my friends and my family, and when I was alone it just fed into this. However, I learned that it’s okay to do things by yourself and that a lot of college students do this, so I wasn’t a loser for going to our student center to study by myself but with this I learned the most important thing ever…

9. I’m not alone

While I “was alone” it brought me closer to God, which is ultimately the biggest blessing I could of ask for. I found myself reading some of my favorite stories in the Bible because it was the only thing that didn’t change in a time where I felt everything was so different. He reveled himself to me through one of my favorite songs “Always” by Kristian Stanfill where I was constantly reminded on how God is always here in any time in need. He also helped me realized that even though times are changing my mom and old pals are always here for me. So even when I thought I was alone I wasn’t because I always had God with me.

LASTLY…. I learned that

10. College IS NOT Scary

Yes, college can be intimidating and seem like a place full of so many unknowns but it is so much more than that. Its where you make some of the best friends and some of the best memories. You have so much freedom… basically there is no one to tell you no when you want to go to McDonalds for a third time in one night because you are in love with their minute maid slushes. The school part is fun and hard, but trust me it is so much easier doing school for 2 hours a day then 8. Most importantly college opens your mind to new things and new people. College is so much better than what I could have imagined and I’m so grateful for this past year of my life.

Don't forget College is full of ups and downs but I’ve been told its some of the best years of your life… ;)

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