10 Things I Did And Didn't Do this Summer

Where did the summer go? You may yourself be asking that very same question. Things happen and the bucket list that you once created at the beginning of the Summer was long forgotten main June by all of the responsibilities that life always brings. Here is a compromised list of what I wanted to do this summer and if I actually did what was on my list.

1. Go to the Beach

I went to the beach for a total of two times. I hope to go two times more before this summer is officially gone. Why did I not go to the beach more? I worked all Summer... and when I say ALL summer I mean ALL SUMMER LONG.

2. Spend time with friends before we all leave for college.

I couldn't tell you how many regrets I have about not hanging out with my friends during the summer. When I wasn't working, I was sleeping or watching Netflix out of exhaustion. If I wasn't tired and my friends wanted to hang out, I wouldn't have a car or someone wouldn't be able to pick me up. For the time that I did hang out with my friends, I cherished it, but I can't help but feel this separation between me and my friends. Although it was bound to happen, it still hurts.

3. Bonfires

I went to one bonfire this summer. I love the smell of fire and hear the crackling of the wood. The only bonfire I got to see this summer was with my family on the Fourth. Maybe next summer?

4. Random Adventures with Friends

Sometimes, my friends and I will hop into a car and just drive. Often taking random turns and finding small town ice cream shops or blueberry patches. Adrenaline would rush through us as we went into the unknown (literally), but the best of times were always ahead of us. I went on one random adventure this summer.

5. Make a lot of money to buy everything I need for college

Everyone knows that your Freshman year of college is your big spending year because you have to buy everything you need to survive for the next four years of your life. While I enjoyed working, it did consume my summer, but I guess that is part of growing into an adult.

6. Spend more time with my family

I spent time with my family, but our summer schedules often didn't permit us from seeing one another for long lengths of time. Expect a tearful goodbye when I leave for college, mom and dad!

7. Go on Vacation

Haven't gone on vacation yet, but I am taking a train to visit my sister and go to the zoo!

8. Try out new recipes

I love cooking, but when I actually did cook it ended up being the same dish every single time (tacos). Hey! I love tacos!

9. Go hiking

I went hiking a coupe of times and it was gorgeous and peaceful.

10. Shop for college

I shopped for college all summer long. Some of it was frustrating and some of it was fun, but too much money is gone. Hopefully, most things that I bought come to good use.

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