10 Steps to a Typical College Game Day
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Student Life

10 Steps to a Typical College Game Day

Every Saturday home game is like it's own holiday.

10 Steps to a Typical College Game Day
Madison Byrne

Saturdays are like a weekly holiday when you go to a big football school like me. You slowly go through your week, sadly waking up each morning for class and staying up late doing homework. You work your hardest to get everything done because you know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel being your week, and the light being football Saturday. If you do go to a football school, I'm sure you can relate. And if you don't, I know you wish you do, and you can live vicariously through all of us lucky people who picked a better school than you did ;) Lets go through the steps.

Step 1: 7:00a.m. The Wake Up

Your alarm goes off at 7:00a.m. and you snooze it a few times because you were out late the night before. After the third time it goes off you sit up very groggy, and yell at your roommate to wake up because she snoozed her alarms too. You start climbing down your loft, and almost fall off the ladder due to pure exhaustion, but finally make it to the ground. You grab your toothbrush and join the 10 other dazed girls at the bathroom sinks trying to mentally prepare themselves for the day ahead.

Step 2: 8:00a.m. Apparel Time

Both you and your roommate have become slightly awake even though it's still dark outside, so you decide it's time to turn the speakers on for pump up music. You go through your drawers of blue and maize clothes (unless you go to some other not-so-good school) and try on about 5 different combinations of apparel, swap clothes with your roommate, and go back to your first combination you tried on. You get your high socks on, pull on your muddy converse, and slap a flash tat on your cheek.

Step 3: 8:23a.m. Breakfast (kinda)

So you realize your running late as usual, but you've progressed into being pretty game day pumped. Now comes the time you take a few handfuls of cereal and scarf down a pop tart. You take one too many swigs out of a water bottle full of a clear liquid that may or may not be water and then you're ready to go. Jk, you make a mixed gatorade and THEN you're ready to go and head out the door. You get down your hall excited to leave, and then you remember you left your football ticket and student ID in your room so you run back to get your stuff, collect your girl gang, and head out.

Step 4: 9:15a.m. THE TAILGATE

Okay so you've made it to your first stop on the tailgate list. You don't really remember the walk there, but you made it and your ready to join the crowd. Someone in your group spots an elevated service, so you all flock to it, hop on up, and dance to "Closer" by The Chainsmokers. Thankfully, you remember to take a mandatory snapchat story because days like this only come around once a week. Then it's time to move onto one, two, three, or maybe four more other tailgates because each one you end up at probably gets shut down.

Step 5: 11:00a.m. Pregame Brunch

You've got an hour 'till the game and all your go-to tailgates have been shut down. It's time to walk down to the strip of food places and take your pick. First you'll probably end up at Quickie Burger and spend $10 on fries and mozzarella sticks. After you've made your mark there, you walk down the street to see Rod's on your right, and feel obligated to go in and get a collider. You sit and write down your order like it's the most important exam you've ever taken; cookie dough, M&M's, Oreo's, sprinkles, chocolate chips, you need it all!

Step 6: 12:00p.m. The Game!

You finally get to the game, someway somehow. You walk around the stadium to find your section, and stand in the closet open area you can find because there's no hope trying to switch sections without getting yelled at by the stadium ticket people. The first kickoff is made and you attempt at keeping up with the traditional team cheers at every play that happens. You're clapping is off beat and you don't know the actual words to the chants, but you don't care as long as you're blending in with the crowd. After almost falling three or four times into the lower bleacher behind you, you wish you could sit down, but you can't! No sitting allowed in the student section, duh!!

Step 7: 1:00p.m. Time to Go

The first quarter is about to end, and the exhaustion of your day slaps you in the face. You don't want to stand anymore, you don't want to clap through anymore cheers, and your dorm is just SO far away. If you go to Michigan, our team is probably winning by a few dozen points by that time, or maybe you're just not that lucky and go somewhere else. You look at your roommate who's feeling the exact same way and one of you offers to call the evacuation Uber.

Step 8: 2:00p.m. The Pass Out

You've made it back to your dorm and you kick off your muddy converse. You and your roommate both climb up the ladder to your loft beds, and watch two snapchat stories before you pass out. Flash tats, knee high socks, and all your makeup still on, but all that matters is your well deserved and peaceful game day knockout.

Step 9: 6:00p.m. The Resurrection

You've resurrection from your game day death, and you're ready to roll. You take a shower, grab dinner while drinking A LOT of water at the dinning hall, and text your GroupMe chats about possible plans for the night. You beg your friends to go out with you, because it's game day right?? After recruiting a few friends that have also joined your resurrection squad, it's time to hit the town.

Step 10: 11:00p.m. Hitting the Town

Now that you're awake and ready to go, you might as well make the most of it. You go out and do whatever you do on your weekend nights, partying hard and staying out late because you have Sunday to sleep and you might as well finish the day off strong. If you've made it this far, kudos to you because you really know how to rally.

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