10 Shows To Binge Watch In College
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10 Shows To Binge Watch In College

10 Shows To Binge Watch In College

Every student has a guilty pass time in college. For many, it's the infamous Netflix binge session. While we often regret it later, watching an entire season (or an entire series) or a show in one day seems like an accomplishment in the moment. And we all need a break from school work every once in a while, right? If you're in between shows, or just looking for something new, here are some that I think every college student can enjoy.

10. House of Cards

It's no secret that college students are some of the most politically involved individuals in this country. But even if you're not interested in politics, you have to see this show. In fact, if you think the establishment is corrupt and in the pocket of special interest lobbyists, this is exactly the show for you. And even if you don't, you should still watch it for the incredible combined talented of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Because honestly, without them, the show wouldn't be half as horrific, dramatic, and compelling as it is.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes. In fact, you'll need a Netflix account to watch it, since it is only available there.

9. Jane the Virgin

To be fair, this one is really more geared toward a female audience. It's the story of Jane, a talented and hard-working young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine visit to the gynecologist. While that may seem a bit absurd, I can guarantee you that the show is worth checking out. The show's protagonist Jane is played by the effervescent Gina Rodriguez, and the rest of the cast is incredibly charming and engaging.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

8. Portlandia

Looking for a weird-ass show to binge at 1 in the morning? This is the perfect show for you. SNL alum Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are the only two cast members in this sketch comedy which satirizes culture in Portland, Oregon. While it's undoubtedly a hit-or-miss show, and can often be questionable in its depiction of gender, sexuality, and other topics, there are bits that will have you in tears (in a good way, of course). And if you only want to watch a couple of episodes, pick the ones where Kyle MacLachlan guest stars as the mayor.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

7. Chopped

Alright, you may look at this and think, why would I ever watch a cooking show? Well, if you've assumed that Chopped is merely a cooking show, you are horribly mistaken. It's a reality television whirlwind from start to finish that will have even the most culinarily impaired screaming at their television, "Why haven't they started plating?" or "No! Don't use the ice cream machine!" Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry; you'll learn pretty quickly.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes, but only select episodes.

6. Bob's Burgers

The premise has been done before: a dysfunctional American family depicted through animation. However, Bob's Burgers puts a fresh spin on this with its scathing humor, hilarious bits, and addictive musical-inspired songs sprinkled throughout its episodes. In addition, its characters are incredibly relatable, and the show itself is a perfect mix of farce, satire, parody, deadpan, self-deprecation, and other comedic styles. If you can get past how annoying some of the voice actors can be, you'll instantly love it.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

5. Scrubs

Main characters JD and Turk rock the greatest bromance known to mankind. It transcends Obama/Biden levels and has persisted between actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison despite the fact that the show has been off the air for seven years. The show also includes Dr. Cox, who is perhaps the most bitter, witty, and sarcastic character whose ever been created for television. But although these three characters stick out to me the most, the cast is full of background-rich and interesting characters who you'll want to root for.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

4. Friends

Is it overrated? Of course. Is it something you should definitely watch? Yes. While Friends may be pretty typical of the sitcom genre, it's a classic show that is incredibly quotable and often accurately describes the struggles of young adult life. Although it isn't a personal favorite of mine, having a working knowledge of Friends is helpful in daily conversation. (Also, Lisa Kudrow is a Vassar alum, just saying).

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

3. Orange is the New Black

While the last couple of seasons of the show seem to reflect a decline in quality (in my opinion), Orange is the New Black is still an excellent and compelling "dramedy" series. It presents a diverse ensemble of well-developed characters, and uses its influence as a popular tv show to educate the public on complex social issues. Although it's undoubtedly jam-packed with laughs, it'll also make you think, which is important. Although the show's handling of heavy and controversial subject matter is often criticized, whether you agree with its portrayals or not, this show will make you question the way you view the world.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes. Like House of Cards, this show is only available on Netflix.

2. Parks and Recreation

In the interest of transparency, I should confess that this is my all-time favorite show. Filled with unrivaled satire, hilarious gags, and ever-developing characters and interpersonal relationships, Parks and Recreation is everything you could ever look for in a tv show. While I'll confess that the first season is kinda shaky, I guarantee that it's all uphill from there. Whether you watch for the hilarity of Ron Swanson, the absurdity of Tom Haverford, the relatable bitterness of April Ludgate, or of course the inspirational drive of Leslie Knope, the "Parks" characters will make you feel like a proud Pawnee citizen.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

1. The Office

If Parks and Rec is my favorite show, The Office is a close second. First of all, nearly every college student has seen it, or is at least familiar with its popular gags. Michael Scott's infamous "that's what she said" is practically embedded in our culture, and the absurdity of Dwight Schrute's character has resulted in some pretty fantastic memes. Yet the most memorable aspect of the show is perhaps the romantic relationship between Jim and Pam. Jim and Pam forever.

Streaming on Netflix? Yes.

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