10 Things You're Doing That Royally Piss Off Retail Employees
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10 Things You're Doing That Royally Piss Off Retail Employees

"Can I speak to your manager?"

10 Things You're Doing That Royally Piss Off Retail Employees
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I used to be that person who left clothes on racks that I didn't find them on or put my groceries that I didn't want on random shelves.

After 4 years working in a grocery store and now working in clothing retail, I'm a changed woman. I hate people who are like me, the ones who drop clothes on the floor and see me see them but just walk away from that shirt anyway. I was working last night till closing and wrote this article, 10 things retail workers hate, on tiny scraps of receipt tape to make sure I remembered them.

Bonus: These situations happened all within my shift at my job.

1. Leaving clothes everywhere in the dressing room.

The least you could have done was put them on the chair, not on the floor where they get dirty and damaged, thus making them unsalable. Or, even better idea, put them back on the hanger you found them on. That second idea might be too much to ask, though, so maybe just aim for the chair the next time you throw our products around.

2. Leaving your half eaten sandwich/pretzel/snack in our displays.

I am not your mother, nor am I the person that's supposed to follow you around till you're done with the sandwich and then discard it for you. It's also super inappropriate to hide your half eaten Subway sandwich behind our shirts, getting that oily dressing on our products and again making things unsalable. Ask me where the trash is, I promise I'll tell you.

3. Telling us "it's free" come out of your mouth when there is no tag.

No, it's not free, and yes, I've heard this same joke 7 times in the past hour. I'm over it, I've been sick of this joke for 4 years. Move on.

4. When you say "That's not what the sign said."

Okay, I'll give you this one. Sometimes the signs are wrong. I had a sign from last year still be up advertising a sale price. But, what I really hate is when you get mad when I politely ask where you found it so I can check the sign. Maybe it's member only pricing, maybe it's a shirt on the wrong rack.

I don't know, that's why I check, and for you to get mad at me because it's taking longer is not my fault. I'm not putting my job on the line for the constant price changes that are requested of me on a daily basis. I need proof, or I'm not doing it.

5. Interrupting me while I'm with another customer.

Wait your friggin' turn.

6. When you cut in line.

Again, wait your turn. If that old lady can wait for this problematic order to finish, so can you.

7. When you try to commit fraud.

We know you didn't buy that gifts card and it just "didn't work," you never bought it in the first place. You've come in five times now and tried the same thing over and over. We aren't stupid. We do talk to each other in this store. Also, you aren't throwing us off your scent by talking about "how some people are just horrible in this world" and that you "aren't trying to pull a fast one with us." Nice try.

8. Leaving clothing tags in the dressing rooms or jewelry boxes missing their jewelry.

It's not life or death with these expensive clothes, you don't need them. I can understand stealing food, but you definitely did not need that ring from our jewelry display. Shout out to the guy who was so scared of one of our coworkers when he noticed him stealing while out for a cigarette, who then came back later and returned the stuff he stole.

9. When you ask us, "Can I see you some time outside of work?"

No, old man, you can't. No, you can't take me out on a date and no, I won't be telling you my last name so you can find me on Facebook. Go away, leave me alone. You're not the first to try, and at this rate, I'm sure you won't be the last.

10. When you say, "I want to speak to your manager."

That famous sentence you hear when you're telling the customer something they don't like. Sure, sweetie, I'll call them right out. I'll also stand here with a half grin as they tell you the exact same thing I was telling you before.

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