10 Reasons Why 'Stranger Things' Should Be On Your Watchlist
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10 Reasons Why 'Stranger Things' Should Be On Your Watchlist

You're seriously missing out if you haven't watched this show yet.

10 Reasons Why 'Stranger Things' Should Be On Your Watchlist

On July 15th, Netflix released the first season of a supernatural thriller that has blown everyone's mind. "Stranger Things" is an eight episode TV show that combines every 80's movie you've ever loved. It is about a young boy who goes missing in a small town, and his three friends and a worried mother desperately search for him. Here are 10 reasons why you need to put your current show you're binge watching on pause and watch the sci-fi phenomenon that is "Stranger Things."

1. Totally 80s

We all grew up watching classic movies like "The Goonies," "Stand by Me," and "E.T." Whether we actually grew up in that decade or not, we've all seen them. This show combines all of them in an epic way. Many references are made during the show—so many it seems as though the show is borderline making fun of the decade.

2. Winona Ryder

The woman who basically ruled the theaters in the 80s gives a breathtaking performance as she takes on the role of Joyce Byers, the single mother of Will and Jonathan. While there are many elements to the show, the main premise simply concerns a woman trying to find her son. In real life, Ryder dedicated the film "Little Woman" to Polly Hannah, a young girl from her hometown in California who went missing years ago and was later found dead. Ryder still strongly supports the Polly Klaas Foundation for prevention of child abduction. She used that as a reference to help her with this role.

3. This Show Is For Everyone

It's hard to come across good entertainment these days without it being super inappropriate. Ever tried to actually watch a good movie or show with your parents, and all of a sudden there's a sex scene and everyone in the room is uncomfortable but nobody really says anything? Yeah, that's awful. However, this Netflix Original is high-quality programming that is both enjoyable andfamily friendly.

4. Eleven is a Badass

Eleven, nicknamed Elle, is a girl like no other. Born with supernatural abilities, she befriends Mike Wheeler who helps keep her safe from what Elle calls "the bad men." In return, she helps him and his friends find their missing friend as she is the only one who knows where he is. She is played by Millie Bobby Brown, a talented young girl who's accomplished more at eleven years old that any of us probably ever will in our whole lives.

5. Government Conspiracies

We all pretend that we're way too smart to believe them and they're all just fake, but in reality, conspiracy theories are a guilty pleasure. Most conspiracy theories revolve around how the government lies to us about major issues and is really shady. This show is just another reason for us to suspect the government because you never know if they're hiding aliens or really just accidentally launching missiles that happen to look like UFOs.

6. Science Rules

This is a science fiction show where a girl has supernatural powers, there are monsters, and three eleven year old boys who are in the AV club save the day. Do I need to say more?

7. Nancy Wheeler

The characterization of Nancy Wheeler is one of the best during the whole series. We watch her come of age in this epic eight episode season. She begins the season focused on her boyfriend, Steve, and losing her virginity, and by the end of the season, let's just say boys are the least of her problems as she teams up with Jonathan Byers to try and defeat the monster that took Will and several others.

8. You Can Finish The Season In One Sitting

While you can watch the show at the pace you please, there is no shame in sitting on your couch for 10 hours binge watching this show -- it could take eight hours, but you're gonna need bathroom and snack breaks. You'll probably prefer to binge it because it's basically like watching a very long movie you never get tired of.

9. Best Kids On Bikes Since "E.T."

Everyone remembers the iconic bike from "E.T." and the young kid riding it who happened to be the hero of the story. This is another feel-good story with three kids trying to save Eleven and find their friend Will. These kids will make you laugh, cry, and even rethink your life. They will also make you appreciate your friendships way more.

10. This Show Overall is Just Epic

I've made my case clear. Now go watch the show!

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