10 Reasons To Visit A Pumpkin Patch

10 Reasons To Carve Out Time To Go Pumpkin-Patching With Your Best Friends

Go big or gourd home with some festive photos of your own!


A pumpkin patch is on everyone's fall "to-do list!"

Now that Autumn is upon us and Halloween is quickly approaching, this is the perfect season to visit a pumpkin patch!

You won't regret "carving" time out of your day for this!

1. Prove to yourself that pumpkins are like snowflakes.

Bryanne Sanchez

God's creations come in all shapes and sizes, and a pumpkin patch will prove it to you! Just as there is not one snowflake like another, all of the pumpkins are uniquely grown, too!

2. Learn to master the art of balancing a pumpkin on your head. 

Bryanne Sanchez

Who knows? This may be a hidden talent that you never knew you had? (or maybe you just have a flat head??)

3. Take fun, fall pictures with your friends! 

Bryanne Sanchez

Capture all of the memories you and your friends are making at the pumpkin patch with a few pictures! These will be moments captured in time that you'll definitely want to look back on.

4. Buy a new pumpkin friend. 

Bryanne Sanchez

Pumpkins are reasonably priced at a pumpkin patch, and you won't find a better selection at any nearby stores! The little baby pumpkins are by far the cutest (and cheapest)!

5. Celebrate sweater weather! 

Bryanne Sanchez

In Texas especially, it can be hard to find the right time to break out our sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and jeans. When you're visiting a pumpkin patch, you'll want to dress up for such an occasion!

6. Use the pumpkin patch as a family portrait backdrop. 

Bryanne Sanchez

We joke that this picture is our "sappy family photo," but in all seriousness, this is a perfect photo opportunity for any family's fall picture session. My friends and I saw multiple babies dressed up and ready to pose in front of pumpkins twice their size!

7. Make it a date! 

Bryanne Sanchez

My friends Chris and Emily Jane loved spending time with each other here! I'm sure if there had been more time they could've stopped for hot chocolate or coffee before visiting! @ all boys: take your date here!

8. Awkwardly lay on pumpkins for a roomie picture! 

Bryanne Sanchez

Where else will you have the chance to lay on a pile of pumpkins just to take a cute picture with your roomie/best friend? Not pictured above: our struggle to lay flat on all of the pumpkin stems!

9. Polish up your photography skills. 

Bryanne Sanchez

I had the pleasure of taking many of my friends' solo shots. A pumpkin patch is a festive place to have fun while perfecting skills you never knew you had!

10. Spinning a basketball is overrated. Learn how to spin a pumpkin! 


Kylee and I tried (and failed) to successfully spin a pumpkin, but I encourage you to try!

Is visiting a pumpkin patch cliche this time of year?

No! What better thing is there to do right now?

If you're in Waco, TX, head over to Central Christian Church, because they were the inspiration behind this article. There's no entry fee, and I am sure you'll have a perfectly "gourd" time!

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33 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Broadway Musicals

Including lots for the last-minute trick-or-treater!

In need of a last-minute Halloween costume? Or maybe you've already started planning Purim or next Halloween way in advance? I've got you covered with a long list of awesome costumes inspired by Broadway musicals of all different genres, eras, and locations!

1. Young Frankenstein

Dress up as the monster himself, or get out your lab coat and mad scientist gear to trick-or-treat as his crazy creator, Dr. Frankenstein! Of course, this is also a great movie or musical to rewatch on Halloween.

2. Little Shop of Horrors

Who wouldn't want to be a giant people-eating plant? Or the person who gets eaten by the plant? Well, maybe that's not quite as fun...

3. The Addams Family

There's so many different options for an Addams Family costume.

4. Shrek

There's something for everyone in Shrek--princesses, ogres, donkeys, and even a cat wearing boots!

5. Into the Woods

(This is how you pass off your witch, Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Little Red Riding Hood costume off as indicative of something deeper.)

6. Sister Act

Nun costumes are probably one of the easiest things to find in a Halloween store, and maybe it's a little bit irreverent, but hey, so are most of the nuns in this show!

7. Nunsense

Even better if you can find a nun puppet to carry around with you.

8. Cats

You could actually dress up as a cat...or, you could just dress your cat up.

9. Xanadu

This can basically be accomplished by wearing roller skates or a toga.

10. Cinderella

An excuse to wear a ballgown--or just to be Laura Osnes. And that's also okay.

11. The Sound of Music

More nuns! Or wearing curtains--take your pick. I seriously considered dressing up as all the Von Trapp children by myself. So I guess that's an option, too!

12. Matilda

This costume actually portrays Matilda as the movie does, but you can opt for the musical version as well! Miss Trunchbull is also a fantastic costume choice that will probably be even more recognizable than Matilda herself.

13. Annie

There's almost nothing more iconic than the red dress and curly red hair. And it's not just for kids! If you, too, say #INeverGotToBeAnnie, then this is the costume for you!

14. Fiddler on the Roof

Be the fiddler. Or the roof. Or, just put on a headscarf.

15. Chicago

And all that jazz.

16-18. The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, and Wicked

19. A Chorus Line

If you're feeling ambitious, go for these gold outfits worn by the entire ensemble at the end of the show. But if that's just not happening this year, breaking out the dance class clothing is totally a valid Halloween costume. Totally.

20. Newsies

Most of these costume pieces can be found in your closet or a family member's, plus grabbing a free newspaper on the streets of New York City. Another major perk is that it's usually super-comfortable because it's just normal clothes.

21. Billy Elliot

Break out the tutu and tights and call it your Halloween costume (even though you're a Ballet Girl in real life too)--or borrow your sister's and rock it! #BoysDanceToo

22. The Phantom of the Opera

You don't even have to go this far (especially since the costume got discontinued)--the mask alone will make it clear.

23. Les Misérables

You could be really elegant about it and find some gorgeous Cosette costumes...or you could just turn your baby into a criminal and put him next to some bread.

24. The Pajama Game

As demonstrated by this picture from the actual show, you can literally just trick-or-treat in your pajamas. Sure, you've reached an all-time high for laziness, but you're more comfortable than anyone else!

25. Camelot

No explanation necessary.

26. Hamilton

If Fun Home stars Oscar Williams and Gabriella Pizzolo did it, then it must be cool! (The thousands of dollars people will pay for a ticket are also good indicators.)

27. Mamma Mia

Because who wouldn't want to be Donna and the Dynamos (for one night, and one night only)?

28. Jersey Boys

One of the few costumes that's probably more iconic than Annie, at least in the United States.

29. Cabaret

We can't all be Alan Cumming. But we can try!

30. Grease

31. Fun Home

In my opinion, it's been a lot harder to acquire costume pieces for Small, Medium, or adult Alison Bechdel as seen in Fun Home than it should've been. But this is definitely in the running for my costume for next Halloween!

32. Kinky Boots

Just like the Hamilton costumes--if tiny Annie stars Tyrah Skye Odoms and Brooklyn Shuck liked the idea, there's definitely something there!

33. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

To end with an oldie/goodie/cutie, Charlie Brown and his friends will always be classic, recognizable, and ever since the first production in 1967, Broadway musical-themed!

All of this being said, I myself decided to go with a more frequently-seen Halloween costume that's not Broadway-inspired this year: Waldo.

Cover Image Credit: The Costumer

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25 Activities You Must Add To Your Fall Bucket List This Year

Before we blink, it'll be next year.


Jot these down, sister, it is officially the best season of the year.

1. Make apple cider

2. Carve pumpkins

3. Go on a hayride 

4. Burn ​​ALL​​ the fall scented candles, girl

5. Make homemade caramel apples 

6. Watch Freeform's 31 nights of halloween 

7. Go through a corn maze with your BFF's 

8. Bake pumpkin bars/bread/pie/EVERYTHING pumpkin

9. Visit a haunted house 

10. Make a cozy playlist 

11. Toast pumpkin seeds

12. Create a gratitude jar 

13. Attend a farmers market for fall produce 

14. Cheer on your favorite football team


15. Shop those Black Friday deals

16. Find joy in a new hobby

17. Find a new favorite soup recipe 

18. Host a friendsgiving 

19. Two words... halloween. oreos. 

20. Try a new fall Starbucks drink

21. Start a new book

22. Take all of those fall inspiration insta pictures

23. Explore a new local coffee shop 

24. Buy a new (or old) three times too big flannel 

25. Soak it all in 

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