10 Reasons Why Jar-Jar Binks Is The Best Star Wars Character
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10 Reasons Why Jar-Jar Binks Is The Best Star Wars Character

Oh, mooey, mooey, I love you!

10 Reasons Why Jar-Jar Binks Is The Best Star Wars Character

1. Calm, Soothing Voice

I think what surprises me most about the financial endeavors of Lucasfilm is the fact that they have not capitalized on the sultry goldmine that is Jar-Jar's voice. It's practically made for audiobook recordings.

Now that Disney has acquired the rights to "Star Wars," maybe we can finally expect more Jar-Jar in our lives. Who knows? He may be the next #1 chart topper on iTunes!

2. The Best Catch Phrases

Stand aside Han Solo, Darth Vader, and C3PO. Jar-Jar Binks has entered the building, and he's armed and dangerous with such delightful phrases as "Me'sa Jar-Jar Binks!" and "Esqueeze me!" alongside such classics as "AGH! Monstar! Hah-glabo-globo!"

I dare you to go a full day without quoting Jar-Jar's poetic genius. Shakespeare has nothing on this master.

3. Not a Stereotype

There are some misguided fans out there that will try to tell you that Jar-Jar is an offensive stereotype. This is untrue!

Sure, his entire race is used as a meat shield during times of war, he constantly gets his pronouns mixed up so he sounds unintelligent, he's sneered at by the other characters (including the Jedi), he's often seen wandering around in the background without a purpose, and when he does speak he's literally ignored by everyone around him, but this doesn't mean what you think it means!

Besides, it's not as if he says something like, "Me'sa your humble servant!" and spends the majority of "Episode I" fulfilling servitude.

Oh, wait.

4. Team Player

Jar-Jar is always willing to lend a hand. This selfless creature goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist in any way he can—even if he has no idea what he's doing. He's just that kind of guy.

For example, look what happened when he tried to help Anakin with his Podracer. No good deed goes unpunished.

5. Works Great Under Pressure

Trump where? Hillary who?

My vote for the 2016 presidential election goes to Jar-Jar Binks, no question about it.

You will never find a more fearless leader. Jar-Jar is the "Original OG" ("Original Orange Gungan"). Watch as he cleverly surrenders his platoon to the Trade Federation's battle droids. This is a character that knows what he's doing and doesn't let stress get in the way of good command decisions.

6. Can Keep a Secret

Do you harbor a secret crush on a Padawan? Need to hide the plans to a rebel base? Want to pass on the family recipe for your grandma's award-winning blue milk? Have no fear! Tell Jar-Jar your deepest, darkest secrets and rest assured they will never be repeated.

Disclaimer: That one time Jar-Jar took two complete strangers to his secret underwater hometown doesn't count. Neither does the time he took a small crowd of senators and commanding officers to the sacred ruins of his people.

7. Interesting Backstory

The most disappointing part of "Episode I" was when the screenwriters glossed over Jar-Jar's backstory. It was interesting and important to the over-arching plot, so I was confused why the writers chose to cut down his story to only a few lines.

8. Attractive Character Design

I don't know about you, but Jar-Jar's orange and tan color scheme should have won the costume designers all the awards. Long, regal neck, slug-like eyes, and two flippers attached to the back of his head? All bonuses, in my humble opinion.

9. Skilled in the Art of War

This Gungan General has won wars and taken names. Just look at his skill on the battlefield! As long as Jar-Jar's on your side, you know the enemy will be at a great disadvantage.

10. Brings in the Cash

More like: Belongs in the trash. Jar-Jar Binks continues to bring in some serious revenue from toy sales and other merchandise. As long as Disney plays their cards right, the "Star Wars" franchise will continue to thrive, thanks to everyone's favorite character.

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