10 Practical New Year's Resolutions for a College Student
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10 Practical New Year's Resolutions for a College Student

*Phone Rings* Me: "New Year, Who Dis?"

10 Practical New Year's Resolutions for a College Student

Welcome 2017! As you start off your new year, don't fall into the "new year, new me" trend. Instead of holding yourself to an unachievable standard, add realistic resolutions to kick off your 2017 the right way! This will make your impressive, college balancing act, even more, well... balanced. Here are some ideas for practical resolutions so you can #MakeResolutionsAchievableAgain

10. Be Healthier.

Losing weight is the number one new year's resolution according to Static Brain, an online research institute, where "staying fit and healthy" follows in fifth. Instead of focusing on a long-term goal this year, like dropping jean sizes, set your sights on short-term goals with a long-term reward.

Doing things like slightly changing your eating habits, can make a big difference over time. Begin by eliminating sugary beverages, or taking a vitamin with your breakfast.

9. Boost Class Attendance.

Lets be real here, we do this every semester. We tell ourselves, “this semester I will attend EVERY CLASS," and end up missing every class of syllabus week because, “attendance doesn’t count this week.”

Keep track of the classes you attended, or missed, to hold yourself liable. Also, try to make friends in your classes to keep up with the latest and greatest, in case you miss once.

While going to class is great, make sure that you're not just there physically but mentally. Being in class mentally can be achieved by waking up with a reasonable amount of time to be fully alert for a lecture, or by taking notes while you're listening to a lesson (instead of daydreaming).

8. Treat yourself.

But actually, treat yourself. Do not spend your last $20 on food and beer... save it. Nix a few specialty coffees or drunken pizzas and save the money you could have spent on something calorie filled, to treat yourself. You could pamper yourself by getting your nails done (both guys and girls because guys... you really don’t know what you’re missing). Also make a date to get dinner at a higher-end restaurant around your university.

Most students do not have many opportunities to pamper themselves with a massage or pedicure but deserve it just as much, if not more, than most people. Take a day to unwind with your saved money. If you don’t need downtime, or want to enjoy a night out, go out with some friends to a place you usually cannot afford. No, Taco Bell doesn’t count.

7. Stay organized.

This is another resolution that us college students always attempt but can never seen to keep. Like I had mentioned before, try to make short-term goals for the week or month to improve your goal completion and create healthy habits.

A good start would be to get a calendar or an agenda that fits your organizational habits, or use an app on your phone! You can also stay organized by roughly planning out your day the night before so you can dress, pack and prepare accordingly. A college students day is so busy and can change instantly, so being prepared in advance can help for smooth sailing during a busy day.

6. Delete Tinder.

Seriously! Meet people the old-fashioned way. Sure, maybe its fun for a hook up or something different, but is it REALLY doing any good for you? Upgrade, your worth! Get dressed up in your favorite outfit, put on some heels (or guys, make sure you remember deodorant) and put yourself out there. Don’t sell yourself short!

5. Make plans and don’t cancel.

Along with being organized, be available. STOP OVER BOOKING YOURSELF! Take a day to relax even if your availability is being used for some “me time,” stick to it! It is crazy how much of a relief it is to not stress over cancelling, postponing or rescheduling plans. Even if you, “don’t feel like going,” sometimes all it takes is getting yourself out of the door! You’re in some of the best and most memory-filled years of your life, don’t let opportunities pass so easily.

4. Reflect. Pray. Mediate. Breathe.

Or a combination of the four… JUST CALM DOWN! Getting caught up in the moments of studying for a big test or juggling commitments is something that happens natural for us college goers. This year, remind yourself to breathe. Now, I am not suggesting you go out and get “breathe” tattooed on your wrist, but actually do it.

Religious? Download an app with a daily prayer. Need a minute of relaxation? Utilize your smart phones alarm clock or reminders to be consistent with your meditation breaks.

3. Earn Money!

You’re a college student, dang it! Stop mooching off of your parents. Sure, asking for some grocery money or gas money is acceptable when it’s necessary, but make your own spending money. Although it is acceptable, in some cases, to spend your parents money during the college years, try to be independent.

Get a side job, like Uber driving or babysitting through Care. It allows you to create a schedule that works best for you. Apps like Poshmark help you make some extra money and also allows you to clean out your closet so you have room for the newest trends (that you can now buy with the extra cash)!

2. Start thinking about your future.

This one might seem tough but it's doable. Don’t let this year go by unsuccessful. Being the ambitious, bright, young student that you are, your first priorities should be your future. Strengthen your chances of success by taking practical steps towards a better future for yourself.

Some ideas would be to put together a resume, cover letter and possibly a portfolio for your potential career. Try to build your qualifications and experiences. Apply for internships and certifications to better yourself professionaly. Some internships are even paid, and others can possibly count as credits towards your degree. If you are passionate about your field of study, an internship can be an alternative to your lecture classes since they're more hands on.

If you aren’t sure of what you want to do, contact different companies to shadow specific jobs. Shadowing can be a great glimpse of an everyday routine and the demands of a career path.

If you’re graduating this year, (cry…kidding), get excited! There is no doubt that leaving college is less than ideal, but the world is yours! Enjoy it while you’re young and have fewer commitments.


This one, too, is easier said than done.

Take a risk, cut your hair, volunteer, try a new food, enroll in a challenging class, study abroad, join an organization, take on a new responsibility, sign up for a 5k (or don’t and have an ice cream cone), learn a new skill, take the damn tequila shot, retry something that didn’t go well the first time, post the Instagram picture you’re unsure of, shop at a consignment store when you’re broke and give the new series a chance before turning it off and watching 90’s reruns.

As a university student, I have never been exposed to more opportunities than I have been in my four years of college. Take small or big risks to impact your life positively, and allow 2017 to be YOUR YEAR.

CYA 2016!

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