10 People Who Seriously Belong At Baylor

We've all been in a situation where we've wished a particularly annoying friend a fabulous journey on their way to hell. Hope they didn't get lost on their way to Waco.

The people who take your unassigned-self-assigned seat.

Seriously? I’ve sat in that same spot every single day this semester. But don't worry I won't get angry and burn down the school or anything.

Loud neighbors who insist on playing guitar at midnight.

Is right now the only time you could do this? The walls are thin, go back to Waco.

People who walk fake injuries.

That sounds familiar....

Group members who always seem to let you down.

Then they take all the credit when you get back your grade. Kind of like rushing the field, unless of course it was you that single-handedly won that regular season game against TCU. Oh, and by the way, 28-21.

People who say they got a bad grade on an exam, but got a better grade than you.

Why are you talking to me? Shouldn’t you be spray painting the Founder’s Statue or putting soap in a fountain?

People who chew loudly.

You’re literally unBEARable. (Okay, I apologize, this pun in horrendous. Almost as horrendous as yellow and green as a color combo)

People who have loud conversations in the library.

You belong in the toilet bowl. Bye.

People who post ridiculously long snapchat stories.

Yes, please, by all means, sic’ me so I don’t have to watch all 150 seconds of this novel.

People who keep inviting me to stupid things on Facebook

I don’t want to play FarmVille, I have higher aspirations for my life, but I get it, you don’t. #BUClassof2019

People who go to Baylor.

You should stay in Waco. I mean, seriously, who would want to leave such a beautiful city, and that amazing campus-wide architecture.

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