10 Outrageous Halloween Costumes
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10 Outrageous Halloween Costumes

Because this stuff gets interesting real quick.

10 Outrageous Halloween Costumes
Urban Matter

Well its October 1st! You know what that means. Time to search stores and the internet so you can find the perfect costume. And of course there are the sexy costumes. I actually find a lot of them hilarious or even really pretty. But these costumes...yika doodles is to say the least. In my opinion these costumes are either outrageous, disgusting, or should not be a thought...or a combination of the three. Let's dive in shall we!

1. Sexy Olaf Costume - shes worth melting for "wink" "wink"...no

Yup. Didn't think this existed right? Neither did I! That carrot nose is what gets me honestly. To me this costume is just kind of stupid and pointless. If you wanted to do sexy Frozen just do Elsa and call it a day will you? Do not just sit there and go "I want thigh high white stockings and a sexy carrot on my face."

2. Would you like some spaghetti and meat"balls"? (my own title)

I have a couple of guy costumes on here so to start with that, here's Luigi! At least that is what I have named him. What better way to look cool on Halloween guys? Have a plate of pasta with meatballs and sausage shaped like your dick. Work done.

3. Middle finger for days!

First off, this costume looks so cheaply made and it could rip by breathing on it funny. Second off, what kind of moron thinks "Man. A night where people are either drunk or gorged on candy so much they are in a sugar high/rage, is the perfect day for me to just flip them all off!" It looks really dumb. Even the guy in the picture looks like he is questioning his life choices.

4. Men's Tassle Twirling Tessie Adult Costume (legit title)

This guy is definitely questioning his life choices. I know this is supposed to be considered funny but to me it crosses a line that should not be crossed. I get that this is for an adult party but I think no one would want to be like "Oh I know him!"

5. To calm ya down... take a look at this Sexy Corn!

This is literally the dumbest thing I have seen. This is supposed to be corn! Corn! Who was the person that thought "Man...you guys ever realize how sexy corn is?" This is a costume that was proposed last minute at a meeting by the guy with coffee stains on his tie. That's what I'm picturing in my head.

6. Sir, why are you unbuttoning your coat? Oh no! The Flasher Costume

This is creepy on so many levels. The cap on his head is what gets me. It completes the level of Nope I have achieved.

7. Um ma'am you are an Ebola Nurse...wear the proper gear.

Seriously!!!!!! People have paid money for this! I could make this for $5 and still wouldn't look as trashy. No I wouldn't make it actually cause its dumb.

8. Call me Caitlyn.

This came out for last years Halloween and to this day it still makes my blood boil. I do not care about people's feelings on Caitlyn Jenner and how she introduced herself to the world, to make fun of it and disrespect it by making a mockery of her via costume is horrible. In a time where trans men and women are killed in some countries for being who they are, it is in no way okay to make fun of it.

9. Most outrageous award goes to...Sexy Osama Bin Laden

Not going to lie I had to hold back some vomit on this one. This is literally the worst costume I have ever seen in my entire life and I wish I had a delete button so I could erase it from existence. Who in their right mind thought a sexy terrorist leader costume is a good idea? The fact that they included a nose and beard really seal the deal on how offensive a costume can be made into.

10. To bring us back to earth. Sister Sexy closes our line up.

This is pretty tame compared to some of the sexy nun costumes I have seen. But to me a sexy nun costume just is not needed in the world. Enough said.

Bonus: But wait there's one more! - Scandalous kid costumes

I decided to describe what I mean before posting a picture. So what I mean by scandalous I don't mean sexy because they are kids and that's gross. I'm talking about dressing your kids up in costumes that are very crossing the line or dressing them up as people they might not understand weren't the best people in the world. For example, kid Hitler.

So that's my opinions on different costumes that shouldn't really be a thing. I get why some of them can be considered funny, but to me they either cross a line or are really not even worth the joke they try to portray. That being said I hope everyone has a great month of October and an epic Halloween with whatever costume you decide on.

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