10 Non-Bachelor Celebrities Who'd Have Us Singing "...Almost Paradise"
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10 Non-Bachelor Celebrities Who'd Have Us Singing "...Almost Paradise"

You're welcome Chris Harrison, here is a cast we would actually all want on Paradise this season.

10 Non-Bachelor Celebrities Who'd Have Us Singing "...Almost Paradise"

If you watch any of ABC's The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise, then you know that they could use some help with casting. And who better to help them with casting then a superfan who has watched every episode multiple times? Here is my list of celebrities that would make the greatest season of Bachelor in Paradise:

1. Aly Raisman, 23

Known for her outstanding performances in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, Aly would make a great contender for finding love on the beautiful beaches of Mexico. She could easily twist and flip her way into any man's life. Would definately care about her friendship with the ladies more than a relationship and would jet set cross country for a night out with her ladies after the show ended.

2. Donald Glover, 34

If he isn't laying in the sand, you can find this rapper ("Childish Gambino") spitting some bars by the pool with his new bros. As for the ladies, his sly smile and poetic conversations can make every woman across the country weak in the knees. Would definitely make it very far, if not make it to the end, and put a ring on a lucky lady's finger.

3. Sammi Giancola, 31

Jersey Shore party gal "Sammi Sweetheart" is down to meet some handsome men in Mexico! This wild party girl would have a great time at the bar and add some drama in the season. Would make it far after mellowing out and opening up but wouldn't hesitate to do shots at the bar!

4. Scott Eastwood, 32

Actor and model, this charming face is sure to melt women's heart. His sweet and sensitive "I love my mama and my dog" vibe would be a total fan favorite! He'd definitely fall hard and fast and stick it out to the end.

5. Lele Pons, 21

This Vine and YouTube star would for sure cause trouble in paradise! Her spicy attitude could rub America the wrong way, but she would do anything for her man. Maybe she'd get stuck in a love triangle or just be the funny friend.

6. Zayn Malik, 25

This former One Direction teen hearthrob could sweep any of these women off their feet. Mending a broken heart after his breakup from super model Gigi Hadid, could Zayn find love in Mexico?

7. Cardi B, 25

With this sassy rapper rolling into Paradise, these other women better watch their backs! Cardi B doesn' play games and would be ready to fight at any moment. Would totally be taking tequila shots by the bar with Sammi and have a fling with a man that sizzles out quickly.

8. Tom Holland, 21

This British Spiderman would have a great experience in Mexico! This quiet "boy next door" would be the man behind the camera taking Instagram pictures for the ladies and just be "that nice guy" and end up friendzoned.

9. Taylor Swift, 28

You had to have known this one was coming. Armed with many complaints about ex boyfriends, Taylor would be the annoying girl America would constantly make fun of. She could totally be the next Krystal.

10. Jimmy Garoppolo, 26

This hunky football player would be the one up doing abs exercises at sunrise on the beach. Caring more about his new bros then the ladies, Jimmy would definitely make it pretty far in the season just so the ladies can continue looking at him shirtless.

So now that you've seen the perfect group of celebs for "the most dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise history" we need to get Chris Harrison on board ASAP!

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