10 must-try tips for making delicious cocktails
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10 must-try tips for making delicious cocktails


10 must-try tips for making delicious cocktails

Drinking cocktails is like tasting cooking: how you can turn them into a unified (and delicious) whole with a handful of ingredients. Some are sweeter, some sour, but most aim for a balanced, refreshing taste. Making your own craft cocktails is a great way to enhance your life and is a rewarding hobby in its own right. Here are some tips to help you make it better.

1. Use jam to flavor and color

Balanced cocktails have enough sweetness to balance the sour and astringent ingredients, and that sweetness doesn't have to come from juice or simple syrups. Jams, jellies and preserves bring sweetness, flavor and color to cocktail creations.

2. Make syrup

The sweetener of choice is not sugar, because even the best sugar dissolves slowly in a cocktail shaker. Instead, bartenders use a liquid sweetener called simple syrup. Simply boil a cup of water and sugar separately, then pour into a clean bottle or jar and refrigerate until needed. To enhance your cocktail experience, add flavors like spices, herbs, fruits and even vegetables to the water.

3. Make special ice cubes

The taste of a cocktail is most important, but so is its appearance. Using custom ice cubes is a great way to enhance your visual appeal. Fill the cavity of an ice tray with berries, fresh herbs, fruit slices or edible flowers, then freeze them and use them in a compatible cocktail. How to make a crystal clear cube: Start with distilled water, then boil and cool twice to remove excess oxygen, then freeze.

4. "Upgrade" leftover wine

The concept of "leftover wine" is common on social media, but not in real life. Those leftovers from day to day lose some of their distinctive flavor, but they're still very useful as an ingredient. Sangria and similar wine-based punches are the wines of choice. Wine adds body, acidity and refreshing astringency to cocktails, helping you balance sweetness and fruity with other ingredients.

5. Injection of liquor

Flavored drinks have become an important part of the bar scene, opening the door to a variety of new and old cocktails. But that doesn't mean you need to buy dozens of different vodkas or other spirits, because you can make your own. Fill clean, sterile bottles with seasonings of your choice -- from crushed peppercorns to fresh herbs to citrus peels -- pour in spirits, and wait a few weeks. Now you're ready to make your favorite drink.

6. Make your own sour mixture

You can never go wrong with better, fresher ingredients. It's a good sour mixture, a key ingredient in many classic cocktails. The product is easy to buy, but its taste is blunted by preservatives and processing. So we can make our own, squeeze enough lemon and lime juice to make two cups of juice (you can adjust the ratio to your taste), and mix it with two cups of simple syrup.

7. Improvise

Improvisation and DIY components are an important part of the cocktail experience and don't overlook improvisation tools. If you don't have a blender to crush herbs and spices, use a rolling pin or a large wooden spoon. No shaker? Mason POTS can be used. If a cocktail strainer is lacking, use the lid of a tea strainer or jar. Chopsticks can be used instead of the mixologist's long mixing spoons, which you can dig out of the kitchen if you don't have a jig for measuring ingredients (2 tablespoons equals an ounce).

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