Top Movies to Watch

These are some common movies that I've never seen, and it often feels like everyone else has.


This is one of my mom's favorite movies, and yet, she hasn't watched it in the last 18 years. At least, not when I'm around.

The Shrek Series


I saw the first movie, but I haven't touched the others yet.

Forrest Gump


I have heard the "Run, Forrest, Run" line, just not as part of the movie.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Again, haven't seen it, but I've heard the stale jokes substitutes make about feeling like they're in this movie when they call attendance.



I just haven't bought the DVD yet. But, I have listened to the songs.



I know the ending, because history, but I still want to see it.

The Harry Potter Series


So, I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but my roommate made me take the quiz for my house, and apparently, I'm a Slytherin. No idea what that means though, so now I feel compelled to watch the movies.

The Fault in Our Stars


Again, didn't even read the book. My only John Green knowledge is from Crash Course.

La La Land


I really, really want to watch this one, but just haven't taken the time to.

Pirates of the Caribbean


Haven't seen the movie, but I rode on the ride in Disney World. (That's so not the same and I know it.)

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