The 10 Most Annoying Things About Attending The College of Charleston
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Student Life

The 10 Most Annoying Things About Attending The College of Charleston

Going to college at one of the oldest universities in the United States, and not to mention the most beautiful, isn’t all fun and games. Some things about CofC can be seriously annoying.

The 10 Most Annoying Things About Attending The College of Charleston
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Going to college at one of the oldest universities in the United States, and not to mention the most beautiful, isn’t all fun and games. Some things about CofC can be seriously annoying.

10. The flexible curriculum and student body

Being able to mix and match interests and majors to find the perfect fit for you is really frustrating. Why should we be able to have it all? Attending a school that works with you to achieve your best education and create opportunities designed for us really doesn't prepare us for the real world. Structure and being forced to fit a certain mold is MUCH better than freedom to be creative and have a uniquely designed education. Being able to express yourself and finding a niche at a small school is so much less satisfying than being just a number and tuition check at a large school.

9. The rain

Yes, it’s irritating to walk to an 8am lecture in a storm, but it’s also the perfect excuse to skip it and sleep in. Am I right? Having a Mother Nature mandated Netflix and Ice cream day on a regular basis could be worse. And what other campus has classes cancelled regularly for hurricanes and flash floods? Dude, I get it. Evacuation sucks, but a week out of class? I can’t complain.

8. Endless stores and boutiques

Having so many incredible places to shop is seriously detrimental to our quality of life here. Being able to stop in Urban or Vans after you fail a test and need a pick me up… honestly, who would enjoy that?

7. The location

Why would you want to live in Charleston? It’s nothing but beautiful cobblestone, historic streets, awesome shopping and magnificent homes. Don’t you know how often you’re going to trip? Living so close to the beach isn’t cool either, there’s nothing great about being able to leave class and be surfing (watching your friends surf) only 30 minutes later. Don’t forget all the parks and fountains and colonial lake, having green grass and a nice lake in a city and a place for your dog to play is just miserable; it really ruins the city affect for everyone.

6. The Greek life is so intense

Wow. Having 170 sisters is brutal; who on earth would want to be able to get dinner with friends or have study buddies all the time? A support team who loves you unconditionally and encourages you no matter what, strong women who bend over backwards to help a sister in need and empower each other—I can’t imagine anything worse. And the fraternities? Just ridiculous. What’s fun about meeting some of the best guys in Charleston and having brothers who’d always have your back? Being able to hang out with your favorite fraternity every Saturday is just no fun at all, wearing Hawaiian shirts and leis watching boys do crazy things? So boring.

5. The small classes

Really? Getting to know your professor and making friends in class or almost always already knowing someone in class is just HORRIBLE. Having people to talk to and being able to have interesting discussions in class is truly awful. And god forbid I get to know the professor well enough that they offer to let you have Thanksgiving dinner with them, write you a recommendation, or email you an article they thought you would like over the summer. Personal connections are just terrible.

4. The super friendly people

No need to be so nice, gosh. I’m just trying to make it up the stairs in Bellsouth. Even if I wanted to talk I couldn’t because the stairs have me so winded I sound like I’m dying. I don’t know how they built that building, but they designed it to help natural selection out since only the strongest can make it to the top. But who am I kidding? I take the elevator. Stop trying to help me pick up the books I dropped or letting me look at your notes when I missed a lecture—being helpful is just so annoying. Seeing smiling faces can really ruin a day.

3. Being surrounded by delicious food

Charleston is the food capital of the world, I have no survey on which to base this heavy claim, but I’d be willing to bet it’s true. The freshman fifteen? With Fuel, Queen Street Grocery, Co, and Rutledge Cab Company all around? No, it’s like the freshman forty. Not to mention Gilroy’s and Chipotle only a few steps from the dorms; we were set up to fail out summer workout plans from the start.

2. All the cute dogs

Man, it’s hard going to school here, there are just so many adorable dogs to stop and pet that it’s nearly impossible to get to class on time. The campus pups can’t be ignored and you better believe we’ll stop and cross the street to give belly scratches.

1. Attending school on the world’s most beautiful campus is tough

It’s constantly crowded with eager high school students clamoring to see all its gorgeous sites and buildings. I know it’s beautiful, but come on- I’m trying to get to class and you’re walking slower than snails in molasses in winter. Yes, the Cistern is pretty…okay, I’m lying. It’s the most gorgeous place in the state, but staring is overrated- come back when you go here.

Wait…I guess The College of Charleston is perfect after all. But then again, I knew that all along.

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