Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween
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Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween

Trying to be festive on a budget? Here are some fun ideas!

Easy Costume Ideas for Halloween

It is now officially fall! Festive things like pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, sweaters, and leggings are some highlights of the fall season. School can be a busy season during the fall and sometimes you don't have the time or the money to even think about dressing up for Halloween. Here are some fun ideas!



Last year my friends and I put on different colored plain t-shirts. Then we cut out the letter "M" out from a piece of paper and taped it to our shirts. It may not be high quality, but it does the trick! Dress up with you friends as M&M's this year! It's a great last minute costume and you don't need to buy anything for it! If you have more time, you can always a fun tulle skirt with some knee high socks.

Where's Waldo?


We all remember the children's book! Dress up as Waldo this year. If you don't have a red and white striped shirt already go buy one and a hat to match it. Put on some glasses and you're Waldo! This is another affordable and easy costume idea for this Halloween!

Pumpkin Pi


Do you have an orange shirt, a hot glue gun, a tiny plastic pumpkin, and a headband? You are all set to make your costume this year! The only other thing you will need is a "π" iron- on. Iron on the pi sign and you have a really clever costume!

Coffee Cup


If you're anything like the rest of American society, you have an incurable coffee addiction. Represent your favorite coffee shop this year by dressing up as a coffee cup! There are multiple ways to dress up as a coffee cup and some are definitely easier than others. The easiest costume, is wearing an oversize brown t-shirt with black leggings. Buy a white boa from the Dollar Tree. If you'd like to add a straw to your costume, you can get some green paper and roll it into a tube. Then tape or glue the rolled green paper to a headband. Lastly, print out your favorite coffee shop's logo and tape it to your shirt. After that, you have your coffee cup costume!

Smarty Pants


Do you remember that kid in class who always knew the answer to every single questions? This year that can be you! Dress up as a smarty pants! Buy a bag of Smarties and tape them to your jeans. If you really want to spice up the costume you can wear a cute little bow tie and some round black glasses. It's a witty costume and easy to make.

As Halloween approaches, sometimes it's hard to come up with a creative costume with a low budget. These ideas are fun, easy, and budget friendly! So have fun during the Halloween season with your friends. You probably won't win best costume, but you could win most creative! Enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather while it lasts!

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