10 Depop Stores To Spend Your Money At To Avoid Fast Fashion
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10 Depop Stores To Spend Your Money At Instead of Forever 21 If You're Trying To Avoid Fast Fashion

No more giving money to Jeff Bezos and the men who control fast fashion

10 Depop Stores To Spend Your Money At Instead of Forever 21 If You're Trying To Avoid Fast Fashion

As I updated my closet this past summer I found myself in the same predicament I always do: I wanted to support small businesses and sustainable practices but I also wanted to spend as little money as possible and get free shipping.

I felt guilty as I secretly placed an order at Forever 21 and then hopped over to Shein and placed another order there.

As someone who advocates feminism and sustainability, it's hard to buy from these places knowing I'm benefiting the companies- and ultimately the people- who directly stand against these ideals.

I'm not going to lie, when I first downloaded Depop I was overwhelmed by all the sellers and products. Even after an hour of scrolling, I felt like everything was either too overpriced or way too small.

Once I got the hang of it and started adjusting filters and finding stores I liked, I understood what the hype was about.

So if you are like me and have no idea where to start here are my top 10 favorite Depop stores that offer a range of styles, sizes, and price-points.

1. The Dragon Lady

@thedragonlady via Depop

What I love about this shop is the emphasis on sustainability and the free spirit vibes. I ordered two pairs of vintage Calvin Klein jeans which arrived two days later and in compostable packing. You can get your next peasant top and lace camisole dress from here.

This store also offers a wide range of sizes and generous discounts on bundling.

2. Kubo's Kloset

@ultraviolethan via Depop

"Wear what you want, when you want." If that bio isn't enough to make you purchase from this store immediately, then I don't know what is. From cheetah print jackets to colorful two-piece sets, this store has clothes for just about anyone.

They have great streetwear options and unique statement pieces. They also have free shipping which is a major perk.

3. Ashley & Hayley!!

@g1rlsnextdoor via Depop

As someone who is always looking for vintage pants, this store is the ultimate destination. They offer 15% off bundles and all prices are negotiable.

These pants are the perfect amount of oversized and aren't marketed towards any specific gender.

4. Unholygrailz

@unholygrailz via Depop

For anyone looking for an oversized and affordable vintage t-shirt, this store is the place. They have a plethora of graphic tees that will edge up any look. The best part is that all prices are negotiable and most are priced under $25.

5. 4/$20 Jewelry

@britashx via Depop

Just as the name says, this store has a bundle deal of four pieces of jewelry for only $20. They offer custom, hand-made pieces for as low as $5. If you've been searching for the perfect pair of glittery avocado heart earrings, then this is definitely the place.

Also, 100% of the proceeds from BLM related items and 15% of total sales are donated to BLM organizations.

6. Get that Bag

@sydnixie via Depop

This niche store sells abstract hand-painted canvas tote bags that are cooler than any bag I've ever seen. All designs are original and created by the seller and are $25 and under and has free shipping.

You can also request custom pieces if you have a specific vision but are bad at painting like me.

7. Julessplace

@julessplace via Depop

For any of my mod and Y2K babies, this store is the place for you. From cat-eye sunglasses and puff-sleeve crop tops to denim vests and faded jeans, this shop has so many great vintage finds that are actually affordable.

If you've been searching for the perfect crop-top, Jules has it, trust me. The yellow aesthetic of the store makes everything pop as well.

8. Nomadique Boutique

@nomadique via Depop

If you love Dolls Kill but don't want to buy from Dolls Kill then you will love this store. As the bio states, clothing is a mix of grunge, Y2K, and vintage pieces.

There are cow-printed bucket hats, gummy bear necklaces, tiny purses, and flare pants. Almost everything is under $20.

9. Rachel Galen

@rachelgalen via Depop

This store is one of my favorites because it specializes in curating plus-size vintage pieces which is hard to come by on Depop. As someone who needs bigger than a size 30 in pants, I love stores like these that actually have inclusive sizes.

There are sweaters, tanks, denim shorts, accessories, and so many other pieces.

10. Hidden Gems Vintage

@genriquez via Depop

If you are like me, then you hate spending hours sifting through the stuffed racks at Goodwill to find the hidden gem. Whether that's an oversized denim jacket or a cool vintage tee from the eighties, this store does all the hard work for you.

While not as cheap if you were to look yourself, I would say these are still reasonably priced and you can get free shipping on bundles.

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