10 Amazing Photography Instagram Accounts To Follow
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10 Amazing Photography Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because who doesn't love a pretty picture?!

10 Amazing Photography Instagram Accounts To Follow

Many of those who know me can quickly figure out that I’m obsessed with photography. I’m not only addicted to taking photographs, but admiring them as well. That whole “have more followers than those you follow” is not my style on social media, especially when it comes to Instagram. I want to see all the pretty pictures possible when I log onto my account every morning. I want to see more than just photos from the area I live in. Travel scenes and unique, one-of-a-kind shots are what I live to see and I want you to see them too! In no particular order, here are a list of Instagram accounts to start following today to add a little more beauty to your newsfeed!

1. @master_shots


This account features various artists daily and recognizes them for the amazing work. If you're looking for an account thats mainly focused on those beautiful fall colors this season, this one is a must!

2. @gettyphotography


With over 336,000 followers and over 2,000 posts to browse, Getty Photography is definitely an essential account to follow.

3. @canon_photos


I followed this account mainly because I'm a Canon shooter; however, regardless of your preference, this account is wonderful!

4. @thevisualscollective


The Visuals Collective takes an even more modern spin to your classic landscape shots. With sultry, moody feels, I would certainly recommend following along.

5. @stayandwander


This account is one of the few that I follow that feature a variety of scenes from around the globe and features stunning images!

6. @hannes_becker


This account is ran by a single photographer, but don't let that bore you. Their work is extremely admirable and eclectic to say the least!

7. @wilderness_culture


For a truly outdoor-sy feel, give Wilderness Culture a follow! I'm a sucker for a good outdoor scene to brighten up my day!

8. @natgeotravel


National Geographic, the gold-standard when it comes to outdoor photography, is breath-taking to see on your timeline everyday.

9. @earthpix


Perhaps one of the most well-known accounts across social media platforms, EarthPix features unique photos and is often the first to do it.

10. @alexstrohl


I didn't include nearly all of the amazing photography accounts to follow, so go further explore for yourself and start following!

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