10 Famous Actors Who Are Also Surprisingly Good Singers
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10 Famous Actors Who Are Also Surprisingly Good Singers

They don't have to pretend to be good at this.

10 Famous Actors Who Are Also Surprisingly Good Singers

Some people get caught by the acting bug. Some people are just made for the stage. And a small group of chosen ones are gifted with both. Hollywood has the best of the best actors and actresses around, but some of them do have a knack for singing that a lot of fans don't know about until they find it on YouTube.

Well, I've comprised my list of the most surprising discoveries of actors who can also sing very well with attached proof for my claims. Sit back, relax and be entertained to the max from the most famous stars that are clearly double-threats too- or maybe they can dance too? Guess that will be our next investigation.

Bradley Cooper

OK, so maybe I'm still not over seeing this movie. This man right here has been the latest actor to be found a surprisingly great singer. His duets with Lady Gaga on the film's soundtrack are amazing, but this song he sings solo shocked me the most. Who knew Rocket Raccoon had a voice like this?!

Taron Egerton

You may recognize him best from the "Kingsman" movies, but this young Brit definitely knows how to carry a tune. Not only is it a pleasant surprise that he played Johnny in "Sing" a few years ago whilst singing Elton John for the animated movie, but now he's actually playing the legendary musician in an upcoming biopic. Keep an eye out for this guy.

Seth MacFarlane

Here's another actor from "Sing"! Seth MacFarlane may be the creator and the man behind the many voices of "Family Guy," but after all these years many people still don't know he's an outstanding singer. He mainly focuses on singing jazz, and he honestly sounds a lot like Frank Sinatra when he does. Props to you, MacFarlane.

Meryl Streep

So how about this — probably the greatest actress of our time can not only act tremendously well but can sing just as great too?! I don't know about you, but I didn't know Meryl Streep could sing until she starred in "Mamma Mia!" and "Into the Woods." Not only is she a great performer while singing (which is a very important thing to achieve because people aren't always able to do both well), but she has great vocal capabilities. She ultimately wins at life.

Gwyneth Paltrow 

It may not seem like it at a first glance, but this Oscar-winning actress has serious singing chops- especially for country music! With a twinge of a country accent when she sings, whether that be on purpose or not, it just makes listening to Gwyneth Paltrow's voice all the more intriguing. (For some context, she's originally from Los Angeles!)

Anne Hathaway 

The Queen of Genovia herself may not only be one of the most amazing actresses of our generation, but she definitely can sing a melody. Not only does her "Les Misérables" performance impress every time, but this song she performs for Meryl Streep definitely ranks up there with her Oscar-winning performance.

Jeremy Renner

Full disclosure: I believe Jeremy Renner is one of the most underrated actors- and singers! He has a sort of grungy tone to his voice, and I'm honestly so here for it. Out of all these actors, I really wish that he would make his own album- ASAP.

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi is probably very well-known for playing Flynn Rider in "Tangled," but what most people don't know is that he actually sang for the character in the movie, too. Although this performance isn't with the actual voice behind Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and this was six years after the film debuted, Levi proves that his voice never frayed over the years. Also, can he get any more attractive than this?

Ryan Gosling

I'm going to be honest — I really didn't think Ryan Gosling had the best voice in "La La Land," even though he did do a really good job with singing and playing the piano! But what really impressed me was when I watched this video and realized he sounded so much like Elvis Presley. Gosling should cover one of his songs next.

Robert Downey, Jr.

I saved my personal favorite for last. The legendary RDJ may be best known for being Iron Man (because he really is a real-life Tony Stark) and portraying Charlie Chaplin, but he once started a music career for himself. Even though he's way more known for his acting abilities, his voice is something that should definitely deserve the same recognition. What can't this man do!

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