Your Sorority Letters Don't Make You Better Than Everyone Else

Let me explain.

I am in a Panhellenic chapter

.I came into college having the classic stereotypes of what a sorority girl is like, and those quickly disappeared once i met people in other chapters, as well as my own. Some of the coolest people I have ever met have been involved in a Greek chapter

But I'd be lying if I didn't say that there are some of the 'stereotypical' sorority girls on my college's campus. The girls that wear their letters almost every single day they get and love talking about their house whenever they get a chance. I'm talking about the girls that use their chapter as one of their main forms of identities.

The girls that movies make fun of.

There is no shame in talking about your chapter and what you do for it in public. However, it becomes a problem when you look down on other women for making the choice not to be in a sorority. Acting like your letters somehow puts you higher on the social food chain is not the way to be a thoughtful peer. Acting like this only encourages the stereotype that all soroirity girls are the same and have the same ideals.

While greek life seems like a big presence at Mizzou, fraternity and sorority life only makes up 20-30% of student on campus. That means that there are so many women and men that have chosen not to join a sorority, but find their passion somewhere else.

Now don't get me wrong, I have so much pride for my own chapter and the women in it. My eyes light up any chance that I get to talk about it. Yet I don't consider such a big part of my life that I have to talk about it constantly with people who aren't in Greek life. My life is not completely centered around my chapter, and I don't think that's a bad thing. It has changed my life, but there are so many other things not Greek-life related that have changed my life. Things like making meaningful and lasting relationships with friends and going on incredible service trips where I discovered the importance of service.

I believe it be one part of my identity, but it isn't the central and most important part of who I am. While I've only been in my chapter for a year, I've been a daughter and sister to my siblings for 19 years. I've been passionate about service and philanthropy long before it became a priority in my chapter.

So before you think that your chapter makes you somehow better, remember that there is more than one way to find your 'people'.

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