20 Signs You're An Odyssey Creator
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20 Signs You're Not Just A Writer, You're An Odyssey Creator

Writing is basically part of our lives and we all share these in common.

20 Signs You're Not Just A Writer, You're An Odyssey Creator

Writing on Odyssey is one of the most special experience I have had in college. Not only it is so rewarding, help people sense meaning out of their lives, have a learning experience, have very talented writers, but most importantly develop my own style of writing. With all of our unique qualities as writers, there are we all share of being part of such an awesome community:

1. The Pressure On What To Write About

We all know that once Monday rolls around the pressure is building on what to write about for that week. Whether it be personal or addressing what's popular each week in the media, it can be hard to know what to write about.

2. Asking People What's Important To Them

In all disparity of being a good writer, sometimes there are weeks where you have to ask other people for ideas(A huge thank you to my residence hall for contributing to my articles so openly and helping me with anything I needed). I'm now wondering who I will ask next year(lol). It's also helpful to see other people's point of view regardless of the media thinks people feel.

3. Selecting The Cover Photo

Oh, the cover photo. Going in knowing it may be replaced, it is indeed possible to spend an hour looking for the one that is unique to you. If you're like me, you search at least five sites for the special one.

4. Tag It Up

It's so easy to spend hours tagging one odyssey article to get the amount of views you want. This is probably the hardest part out of publicizing your article. What tags to put that are most central to your article but also what is related to what you are conveying. You probably need a caffeinated Starbucks coffee to make it through the first hour.

5. Constantly Mention Odyssey To Anyone You Know

"Hi, I'm Lorena and I write articles on Odyssey, a content creation platform" is what I normally say to people when they ask me what I do. Talking to people in your residence hall or in class is one of the best ways to advertise your articles and yourself! Love talking to people about what you do and the things you are involved in. And most of all, sell yourself!

6. Making The Numbers

In business, you're asked to deliver numbers the company wants. It's kind of the same thing as writing and receiving the views you want. To make the number of views you want depends on the number of tags on your article. Lastly, more views equals more time.

7. Advertising On Your Social Media Profiles

You know if you've been posting on Odyssey for a while, people might get tired of you promoting your articles. "Ugh another article post, I can't stand this girl" is probably what a lot of people think, but you do what you love and like what you do.

8. Picking A Topic That's Already Been Done To Death

As Odyssey creators, we all know that there are topics that you want to do that have literally been done so many times. Whether it is about your mom, "The Bachelor," or how high schoolers can make the most out of their senior year, sometimes you just can't help yourself hoping it will be better than someone else's who did it before you.

9. When You're Just Short Of The Word Count

Nothing is more painful than being short of the word count. You realize you just got to BS yourself through those final 10 words when you have no idea what else to say.

10. Your Picture Is Changed Because Its Been Used Too Many Times

What can I say, it happens to the best of us!

11. The Temptation Of Writing Listicles For Multiple Weeks

Nothing is more tempting than writing a listicle. Odyssey might as well be famous for listicles. Lists are also very popular to read on the internet and impossible to ignore. Although, branching out from a listicle is always ideal.

12. Writing At The Most Random Times

For me, I get most of my article ideas in the shower and then write a whole article no matter what time of day or night. The inspiration comes at the most random times.

13. Thinking About The Right Time To Write

If you are not writing, you're thinking about the next time that you can write an article.

14. Putting Off Schoolwork To Write An Article

If writing is your number one priority, you definitely put off your studying and procrastinate by dishing on the media's latest hot topic.

15. Loads Of Time = Loads Of Writing

When there is a lot of time on your hands, this means you have many opportunities to write your heart out, or write two articles for the next two weeks.

16. When The Weather Matches Your Writing Mood

Snow and rain are primetime for writing an Odyssey article. Curl up in bed, relax and drink coffee or hot chocolate.

17. The List Of Headlines You Have Yet To Start On

I often plan what articles I will write each week and have a long list that I will probably never get to.

18. From Failure To Instant Success In One Week

Your article could do really well or fail miserably. Those two thousand views on one article makes up for it though and you suddenly feel like an internet sensation.

19. Your Family Gets Tired Of Your Articles

Me: "Mom, guess what I wrote about this week!?!?"

Mom: "?" with an extreme lack of excitement.

20. You Live To Write 

As writers, it's hard to recognize why people don't write. For those of us on Odyssey, we practically document our lives. I mean someone's gotta do it.

We're all self-published authors thanks to Odyssey and people's willingness to tell their stories. Cheers to many more years of blogging and writing!

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