Yungeen Ace Net Worth
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Yungeen Ace Net Worth

Yungeen Ace is the famous rising American Rapper, Internet personality, and Musical Artist from Jacksonville, Florida. The artist belongs to the young generation and creates masterpieces that make him an amazing personality.

Yungeen Ace Net Worth

Yungeen Ace is the famous rising American Rapper, Internet personality, and Musical Artist from Jacksonville, Florida. The artist belongs to the young generation and creates masterpieces that make him an amazing personality. The artist has become quite popular because of songs like Step Harder and Opps. In addition to that, Yungeen Ace received popularity on the Internet from the recent album "Don Dada." 26 June 2020 revelations mention that the studio album of Ace was released with 13 hit tracks and turned out to be remarkable breakthrough. Yungeen Ace Net Worth, according to the 2021 estimates of Moneypromax, is $900000. Explore more facts surrounding the life of this successful artist.

Yungeen Ace Real name

Kenyata Bullard

Yungeen Ace Net Worth


Birthday/ Birth date/ Date of Birth

February 12, 1998

Home Town

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Yungeen Ace Age


Yungeen Ace height

5ft & 10in / 1.78m




Rapper, Internet personality, and Musical Artist

Early life and career

Yungeen Ace was born Keyanta Bullard, 1998 in Chicago and spent most of his early childhood in Chicago. Later on, Yungeen Ace relocated with his family to Florida. Yungeen Ace Education updates suggest that Ace spent the early time in Chicago, Illinois. Later, he had completed some part of his formal schooling from Jacksonville, Florida, The USA.

Though he hails from a family of twelve siblings, yet Keyanta led a lonely life. The hip-hop star had escaped music but later on, embraced it too. He started taking much interest in his rapping career that made him incredibly popular.

Keyanta released Life of Betrayal that turned out to be the first hit. The release of this album happened right after being arrested. Also, through it, he reflected on his tumultuous life. Certain revelations also mention that he recorded and released his first single, "No Witness. " This is the album that turned out to be the response to the shooting that had been once the reason behind the death of the brother and his friends.

Living A Life of Poverty

Keyanta Bullard, who is also well known as Yungeen Ace, has lived a difficult life. Over the years, he had been battling extreme poverty. He had to live the hard life of being content with the meager attention. As he was a child out of a family of twelve siblings, he always had to combat life. Also, he understood how scant food and resources one need to sustain life. He had seen the ups and downs in life from a very young age, making him a tough guy. Though life hadn't been that easy for him, yet his first album proved to be a strong hit. Yungeen Ace also got immense success with other hits. With his set of talents, he released a variety of other hits. What made him famous is that he reflected his life story on "Fighting Pain" and "Withdraw from Life." These are the tales that highlighted his own journey and the odds he fought while he had been combating the hard times of his life. He had loved his life in Jacksonville that taught him a lot. Though the star experienced daily family problems in his teenage years with extreme poverty, he could find a better lifestyle by combating the danger and road crimes.

Relationship details about the rapper

Yungeen Ace has been sharing a lovable relationship with Chloe Glass. Chloe runs a YouTube channel with more than 1 million supporters that have increased his value since January 2021.

His Brothers and the Yungeen Ace

Rapper Yungeen Ace had ended up in one conflict that marked the challenging childhood that led to a better life in music. With 12 brothers and extreme poverty, he has learned about the strategies he needs to follow to give up on the sadness and find a way to attain success. The rapper started gaining fame with the solo songs online. Life of Betrayal has become immensely popular due to the similar reason that there is a complete story about his life. Later on, the YouTuber also released the new album "Life of Betrayal 2x."

March 2018 estimates also suggest that Yungeen wrote and recorded solo tracks. He earned fame once again with the release of the debut single, "No Witness." The popularity he gained was also due to the several singles. He portrays that how hard it can be for someone who survived multiple gunshot wounds. He shares the worst memories and hardships with Royale Smith, Jr. and Jacoby Groover, and his brother Trevon Bullard.

A highlight on the major collabs

The rapper got arrested immediately after the firing. Also, the release of the Life I'm Livin' proved to be a massive hit. The rapper's debut mixtape, Life of Betrayal, turned out to be the major breakthrough. An initial collection includes a cameo of YoungBoy Never Broke Again alongside the earlier singles including "Jungle" JayDaYoungan collaboration, inspired by tragic loss. 16-track Step Harder 2019 updates also suggest that the YouTuber teamed up with Boosie Badazz, Lil Durk, and others. The single "Heartbroken" Ace's turned out to be the first major work in 2020. The remarkable fame that he earned was due to the Don Dada Mixtape. 2021 updates suggest that the multitude of singles, including "Withdraw from Life" and "Fighter Pain," made him so famous.

Social Appearances by Yungeen Ace:

Yungeen Ace has been a remarkable influencer who is quite active on various social media platforms. Also, there is a scope to track him as @yungeenace on his Instagram account. Instagram account updates also suggest that he has 2.8 M followers. Also, the YouTuber is quite famous as @YungeenAce on his Twitter handle. YouTube channel Yungeen Ace serves as the popular Music channel on YouTube. The launch of the channel was in 2013 and is based in the United States. The Florida rapper known as one of the best members of the "Yungeen" gang is represented by Cinematic Music Group. He is very popular today for the hit single "Gorillaz."

Final words

Yungeen Ace has been building a name for himself in the industry lately. Moreover, the YouTuber is also focused on the active career life that is making him so incredibly famous. Stay tuned to receive further updates regarding these artists who are building a position for themselves.

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