10 Best Young The Giant Songs You Need To Hear In-Concert
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The 10 Best Young The Giant Songs You Need To Hear In-Concert

From one Young the Giant fan to another, you can't skip out on their next tour - you NEED to hear these songs in person!

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I've been to five of their concerts, own all their albums and always manage to buy a tour shirt from every concert. Young the Giant is a completely underrated band that deserves more attention than they currently receive. I go to a concert and think, "How do people NOT like this music?!"

Well, if you're a fan like I am or just another music lover, consider attending a YTG concert just to listen to these songs live.

1. "My Body" 

This concert video is from 2014, and, let me tell you, the song has only gotten better four years later. "My Body" is a classic YTG song off their original album "Young the Giant." If anything, this is the song your friends will know if they don't usually listen to the band. You can't help but jump in the crowd and scream the lyrics.

2. "Waves"

"Waves" is one of those songs that you can't seem to know why you like it, you just do. The mellow beats and simple lyrics echo throughout a small venue and boom in a large concert, like Lollapalooza. This song is from their second album "Mind Over Matter."

3. "Brother's Keeper"

Off their latest album, "Mirror Master," YTG threw in "Brother's Keeper" as a total under-the-radar banger. Don't expect to hear this song on any Spotify playlist or on the radio, but it's awesome live and totally deserves a spot on your phone in a driving playlist.

4. "Cough Syrup"

Another classic song from their first album, "Cough Syrup" is a part of every set in each of their tours so far. Why? Because it's another crowd favorite and gets people to jump and sing along. It's easy to catch onto the words and makes for a "smooth" transition between old and new songs.

5. "Art Exhibit"

AH - this song is great in and out of a concert, but something about being so close to the band and hearing the silence of the crowd is something special you can't get at home. This song is off "Home of the Strange" and gives listeners a piece of YTG's acoustic side, rather than hard, alternative rock.

6. "Mirror Master"

This song is off their latest album and is extremely upbeat. The song is plain fun - giving you a taste of YTG's musical talent and unique song-writing skills. Although there aren't any live versions up on the web yet, I can assure you this song is worth listening to.

7. "It's About Time"

From "Mind Over Matter," this song is a head-banger. You can hear YTG's rock-side while appreciating the lead singer's amazing vocal range. Other band members stand out in this song, from the drummer to the bassist.

8. "Something to Believe In"

This song blew up on the radio once "Home of the Strange" released in 2016. When they went on tour for that album, YTG played this song in some of the last few minutes of the concert. It leaves you ready to download all their songs and become a total YTG fan.

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