10 YouTube Channels To add to your watchlist
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10 YouTube Channels To add to your watchlist

Just a handful of my favorite content creators!

10 YouTube Channels To add to your watchlist

If you have time to kill, might I suggest checking out these content creators? Listed are ten Youtube channels that you may or may not have heard of, yet they provide quality content nonetheless. The list isn't in any particular order. I hope you find something that piques your interest!

1. The Black Hokage

The Black Hokage is a charismatic, avid gamer with a satirical sense of humor. He discusses video-games, the latest blockbusters, and current world events from his unique point of view. On top of that he does prank calls, trolling videos, and occasionally streams on Twitch. He, along with some other Youtubers, created The Gaming Illuminaughty, a website and Youtube channel dedicated to geek culture. They collectively discuss music, games, comics, and everything in between. I subscribed to his channel some years ago and I've been enjoying his content ever since!

2. Geography Now

If you aspire to travel to different countries and learn about their customs, then this channel is for you! The host, Barry, goes into great detail describing several aspects of a country, such as its history and culture. He uses humor to keep you entertained while doing so, and frankly this channel taught me more about the world than public schooling ever did.

3. Matthew Santoro

Matt Santoro's several videos cover a wide variety of topics, from Ten Facts That Will Make You Happy to Ten Terrifying Ouija Board Stories. His mood is always upbeat, regardless of the topic he's covering, and he constantly cracks one-liners throughout his videos! Because his content is so intriguing, it's incredibly easy to lose track of time as you browse through and watch his videos! Take my word for it.

4. Rob Dyke

This dude's channel is for the morbidly curious. Rob Dyke's videos usually revolve around haunted locations, demonic possessions, unexplained disappearances, serial killer profiles, kidnappings, and several other eerie subjects. Rob provides narration with his calming voice as chilling music plays in the background. He also posts some funny videos such as, "Why Would You Put That On The Internet?", but I usually come to this channel for the scary stuff. I dare you to watch some of these at 1 in the morning.

5. Chris And Pops

In a nutshell, Chris and Pops' channel can best be described as a sitcom set in the hood. Chris, a thirty-year-old still living with his father, will record his 'daddy' discreetly and say or do something outrageous in order to get a rise out of him. The ensuing conversation is shocking and downright hilarious! That being said, Chris doesn't exactly have the best morals and the strong language expressed may not appeal to some, so watch at your own discretion. Still, I'd be lying if I said I haven't found myself crying out of laughter from some of his videos!

6. JeremyJahns

My brother highly suggested that I should watch this guy back when I was a sophomore in high school. I didn't listen at first, but one day I watched one of his reviews and I've been hooked ever since! Jeremy is a witty film critic (sometimes video-game critic) whose videos are short and straight to the point. He will go over a film's pros and cons without spoiling the narrative and give his verdict at the end. I love his funny commentary, I love his energetic mood, and his passion for cinema is admirable!

7. SolelyTonia

This one's for the sisters! If you're into fashion and shoes then SolelyTonia has you covered! She has several 'do it yourself' videos that could come in handy, she gives reviews on the latest shoes, she discusses dating, she talks about problems that women face in society (why having big boobs suck, for instance), and she uploads content regularly. I actually knew her in real life, waaay back in middle school, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she started her own channel. As a content creator myself, I commend her for that and had to give her a shout-out!

8. SciShow

Have you ever stood in the shower, not cleansing yourself per se, but just pondering life's mysteries? Do you think of things like, "Why are GMO's so bad for us?" or something else like, "What happens to the fat I burn off when running?". I tend to think of the most random sh*t possible so I was relieved to stumble upon SciShow. The various hosts cover questions submitted by viewers and provide a scientific explanation for them. The show keeps you engaged with animations and diagrams, plus the hosts enunciate and emphasize the most important bits. This channel definitely comes in handy, especially for university students like myself.

9. CinemaSins

CinemaSins is a Youtube channel dedicated to ripping apart your favorite movie, regardless of if it was Oscar-worthy or flat out terrible. The narrator provides witty commentary as he does so, pointing out plot holes and other mistakes, and will even subtract a sin if a scene or character is impressive in its execution. Provided you have the time, type in "Everything Wrong With (your favorite movie)" and relax as he tears the movie a new one!

10. ExplosmEntertainment

ExplosmEntertainment is known for their Cyanide and Happiness cartoons. C&H are animated shorts with unexpectedly hilarious twists! The stellar voice-overs and smooth animations really bring the characters to life and I appreciate the satire in most of the videos. I would compare Cyanide and Happiness' humor to something you'd find on Adult Swim, so this is something you definitely shouldn't show to children. But hell, I was watching Family Guy and Aqua Teen Hunger Force when I was in kindergarten so I can't say anything!

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