What you learn at Young Life camp

Your Official, Jim Rayburn Approved, 10 Part, Young Life Camp Starter Pack

The Jim Rayburn approved packing list for Young Life Camp.

Liam Lindy

If you have ever been to YoungLife camp, you understand.

1. Patagonia Baggies

This was taken on a YL hike with a good friend of mine.

Liam Lindy

The shorts I am wearing (right) are the best shorts in the business. They get the job done and look great on everyone.

2. Great times 

This is at Young Life's Carolina Point in the mountains of Brevard, NC

Liam Lindy

This is a great memory of mine at a Young Life camp because paddle boarding is just simply a great time.

3. FUN, rain or shine!

While on Summer Staff we went to the state fair and had a blast even though it was raining!

Liam Lindy

Camp runs rain or shine, which means lots of fun no matter the weather!

4. You'll make lots of new friends 

Saranac Lake 2017

Liam Lindy

I didn't know a single one of these people before I got to camp last summer, and now they are some of my best friends!

5. Breathtaking views

Malibu Club 2018

Liam Lindy

Imagine waking up to this view every morning! I honestly can't think of anything better!

6. You'll meet your best friends 

Lake Champion 2018

Liam Lindy

You'll meet people you'll be friends with for life!

7. Epic t-shirts 

Ocean Isle, NC 2018

Liam Lindy

You'll for sure get cool t-shirts like the one I have on!

8. You'll do things you've only dreamed about

Malibu Club 2018

Liam Lindy

My friend, Kyle, never would've thought that he would go wake boarding in British Columbia!

9. You'll see Jesus through people you're at camp with 

Malibu Club 2018 Summer Staff

Liam Lindy

I saw Jesus so much through these guys, and you will too!

10. You'll hear the Good News in a new light 

Simply the best.

Liam Lindy

If I haven't sold you already, you'll hear God's Good News in a place like this with a view like this surrounded by your best friends. What could be better?!

Thank you all. Send Young Life camp #YtheLNot

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