Yes, You Are (From Tightrope)
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Yes, You Are (From Tightrope)

A poem by Holly Williams.

Yes, You Are (From Tightrope)
Holly Williams

“Humans aren’t monogamous”
I say as I pop another
Hershey’s Kiss into my mouth
that’s fresh off of yours.

You’re naked in my bed
for the first time
since I pictured it
back in the winter.

In 2014, I wrote that
I never wanted to measure my
hand size against anyone else
ever again, but tonight when
I put my small left against
your large right,
it felt like it belonged with you -
Someone new.

“Humans just aren’t monogamous”
I think to myself as
I drive to work where
I’ll be greeted by
my boss telling me how much more productive
I am than his wife.

I think of you again
as I re-enter I-40 East.
You’re sweet and tell me I’m smart.
I can sometimes be cruel, but
I would never want to make you cry.
How can I compete with the Governor’s daughter?
Come, let me wash your curls.

Overthinking, Overexaggerating, and Overpreparing
are 3 familiar friends.
They have kept me from so much for so long.
I only want to be allowed to live without worry.
Teach me how.
Tell me I’m not wrong about you.

We both know God doesn’t exist,
but if he decided to damn us for this,
I would take your secular body
over salvation any day.

So, let’s make a toast to adventure!
Hold up your black coffee to
my frothed cream, and
let me make promises to you that
we both know I won’t keep.
Place your hand over my heart and
swear to me that your lips want to know me better than
just the taste of my neck.
Now, cut the air down to 72, sink into the sheets, and spin East Coast Love Affair.

“Humans will never be monogamous”
I whisper to myself before closing my eyes,
hoping my words will allow me to snap out of this trance.
That’s when I feel your soft exhales
on my shoulder, and roll over
to see the early light rise and shine over
your baby-soft skin.
Adoration is real, but
I am reminded that I can always make room for
Something more.

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