Being A Writer Isn't Just About Writing Words
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Being A Writer Isn't Just About Writing Words

It's so much more than that

Being A Writer Isn't Just About Writing Words

Writer: A person who has written a particular text.

I am a writer. I write words, which turn into sentences, which turn into paragraphs, which turn into chapters, which turn into stories. Writers write. But a writer doesn't just have to be a writer. A writer can be an astronaut, a doctor, a tv host, a teacher, a botanist, a ballerina, a movie producer, a gymnast, and anything that they can imagine--all through what they do best: write.

Being a writer isn't about the words. A word by itself is purely a word. But put together, strung in every which way, used and molded into a purpose--that's what being a writer is about.

Every time I sit down and write, I'm not just filling a blank page with words, but I'm creating a world with characters and a story that I get to exist in for a little while. I can be anyone I want, go any place that my heart desires, and do anything that my mind can imagine.

Writing opens possibilities that just wouldn't be possible to accomplish in a world where writing didn't exist.

But along with creating new worlds and places to exist in. Writing also helps me understand and to comprehend. Sometimes things can't quite be organized in your head alone. But putting the problem on paper can help you realize the part of the problem you've been missing.

Through writing we can have conversations with others and talk about the important things that are happening all around the world. We can learn about things that we had no idea about. We can experience an emotion and understand the world that someone else lives in.

Writing does more than tell a story. It lets you live in and understand it in a way that nothing else quite grasps.

Writing helps you escape from a place, a person, an emotion. And sometimes escape is a good thing. But writing can also help acknowledge that thing that you want to escape from and help you realize why.

Writing makes sure that even if people don't remember you, the words and world will. You've added and contributed to the universe and made it a better place.

Writing forges new friendships and skills and lets us reach new places. Writing can bring us close to home or take us far, far away.

Writing helps close the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach when nothing else will.

Writing has changed how I view and approach the world.

Writing has affected who I am.

Writing does a lot of things. And part of the fun is discovering them for yourself.

How will you let the words around you impact your life?

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