I Couldn't Imagine A World Without First Responders

I Couldn't Imagine The World We Would Live In Without First Responders

To all of those who choose a career in emergency services, thank you for everything.


I have always appreciated first responders, but ever since watching Fox's new show, "9-1-1," I have grown a deeper appreciation for them. Now I realize some of the events in the show are crazy, but most of them are based on events that have actually happened. Not only does portray these emergency services personnel on the job, but it reflects into their personal lives as well. This movie has really given me an insight into how demanding the job can be and can take a toll on some's personal lives. At the same time I've learned just how much these individuals are willing to live a life of service to helping others.

Some of the people I've grown up with went on to become a first responder after graduation. I see the pictures they post or the calls they've been on and it just reminds me of how blessed we are to have them. I personally could not bring myself to do that. One of the characters on "9-1-1," said how you have to leave all that happened that day on the job, at the job. That really hit home with me.

As a student business professional, I've seen how connected my profession is. We have our work emails on our phone or we even catch up (or get ahead) on work from home. It's definitely unhealthy in the long run, but if I can't imagine myself leaving my work on the job, I couldn't even imagine how hard it is do so in an emergency responder career.

Some individuals, however, are really good at leaving their work and experiences all at work. Some of those people I've known that have become first responders are good at leaving those experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc. at work at the end of the day. We are humans who form emotional attachments to situations, but these people learn that it is a part of the job that you have to leave it go at the end of the day.

First responders are some of the bravest people in my opinion. They willingly serve the public- putting their own lives at risk even- to ensure the safety of others. Sometimes we don't always realize how lucky or blessed we are to have such people in the world until we need them. Please just be kind to those who are first responders and know how important their role is to society.

I don't know about you, but I couldn't imagine a world without first responders.

For the time you took your oath. For the time you responded to my need. For your service. For my security. For your bravery. For my peace. For my protection. For your courage. For my safety. For your sacrifice. For the times you've left your family. For the times you risked it all. THANK YOU!
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