Don't get me wrong, working in college is good. It gives you a little bit of spending money and teaches you responsibility, but at the same time, it sucks. You have to go to class all day long and turn around and work all night long.

Most nights, I have to close at work so I am there all afternoon and all night. If I have a big test to study for, I have to come home after work and try to stay up long enough to do a cram session. It is absolutely exhausting. After you stay up all day and then all night, it makes you tired the next day. It is a constant cycle of being tired...and I am tired of it.

Even though working while you're in college sucks, it has its perks. I get that extra money that I would not have if I didn't have a job. I would not be able to get the things I want when I want. I can buy all the Starbucks drinks I want and not have to think twice about it.

On a more serious note, it teaches me how to manage things. I have a set schedule or try to at least, to follow by each week. I am taught to be on time and to be more aware of my schedule and due dates. Thank goodness for my planner.

Another perk is that I met one of my best friends at work (she's the one pictured above). It is fun to have a friend that you can do everything with. We are the same major and soon to be at the same job....again.

It's also great to have a study buddy while I am at work. I help Lela and Lela helps me. It also doesn't hurt that I get to complain about all the people at work and she actually knows who I am talking about. Lela makes both working and going to school a little easier on me.

At this point, I can't tell if working is more of a struggle or a reward. Some people don't have jobs and I know that, but I am still grateful for mine.