The New Trailer For 'Wonder Woman 1984' Introduced Its Villain Cheetah And We're All Wondering Who She Is
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The New Trailer For 'Wonder Woman 1984' Introduced Its Villain Cheetah And We're All Wondering Who She Is

And. . . is Steve really alive?

"Wonder Woman 1984" Trailer

Warner Bros. just dropped the new "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer yesterday to reveal Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, and I've just got to say I can't wait to see the movie. In the trailer, we see a mysteriously revived Steve (which is way too good to be true), Wonder Woman in her true glory, and Cheetah in her full form, who luckily does not look like the cast of "Cats."

The trailer is full of hilarious Steve and Diana moments with Diana trying to teach Steve about life in 1984—he doesn't know planes have radars or what parachute pants are. Their moments were my favorite parts of the first movie so I'm glad to see them together. . . but I don't trust that Steve's entirely real and I've got a few theories.

Steve could simply be a figment of Diana's imagination, but that doesn't seem exactly right because he flies a plane in one clip. Diana couldn't have imagined that.

Or Steve could have something to do with Cheetah and be a part of her master plan. Or his resurrection could be related to this dialogue in the trailer: "Citizens of the world, I am here to change your life. Anything you want. Anything you dream of, you can have it." Steve appears right after this dialogue ends, making me think some sort of technology has brought him back to life, and this likely means he isn't entirely the same Steve from the first movie.

Now, onto Cheetah, whose real name is Barbara Minerva. Cheetah, a self-proclaimed "apex predator," says she's tired of Wonder Woman getting everything while people like her end up with nothing- a somewhat cliche back story, but the villain herself seems promising. Also, the trailer shows us some action-packed moments between her and Wonder Woman, and their interactions make the movie more engaging.

I also enjoy the stark contrast between Cheetah's grungy, spiky costume and Wonder Woman's shiny red and blue set. Even more interesting is the Cheetah in her full form with her spotted fur, tail, and claws.

To find out the real story behind Steve and who exactly Cheetah is, watch "Wonder Woman 1984" when it premieres on October 2, 2020. I, for one, am ready to see Wonder Woman and Cheetah battle it out on the screen.

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