Women's Marches Across the United States And The World
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Women's Marches Across the United States And The World

They were historic and powerful.

Women's Marches Across the United States And The World

As of January 20th, 2017, Donald J. Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States. With this historical day, followed a lot of controversy. From people boycotting the inauguration, to protesting, rallying, and marching, events have not been confined to citizens of the United States. Protests were carried out in cities including London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin and Rome as well.

These protests and marches do not represent "sore losers," but people who are fighting for what they believe in, basic rights that are at risk of being overturned.

The Women's March, organized and intended to allude on women's healthcare and accessibility and equality for all, immigration laws, LGBT rights, as well Anti-Trump policies, occurred on Saturday, January 21st, President Trumps first day in office. Amongst the groups that marched were "Define American and United We Dream", "Muslim Women's Alliance," Trayvon Martin Foundation," "Girls Who Code and Black Girls Rock," "Planned Parenthood," and approximately twenty other groups.

Not only were women amongst the large crowds, but men as well. It was a day of PEACEFUL demonstrations that showed that large crowds can come together for a purpose while NOT displaying violence or havoc, which is a very important point in today's society.

Washington D.C

Demonstrations and marches occurred in Washington DC with a turnout that nearly tripled what was expected, as well as occurrences in dozens of cities across the country including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago, where the crowd grew so large that the actual march was cancelled but rallying and speakers still went on.

The overall message of the various Marches was definitely powerful. Whether or not you support those who participated, they definitely drew in attention, more specifically attention to what they were marching for, equality for all, something they believe President Trump intends to get in the middle of.

Although President Trump may not have witnessed the demonstrations or payed any attention to them, it is still important for people to know that there are so many people out there who want there voices heard and acknowledged.

As many said, this is not the end, this is only the beginning. Having a voice is one of the most powerful weapons, and they were heard for sure on Saturday, a historical day in our society.

Global Approximate Count: 2,063,730

Official total counts within cities across the United States are shown below:

Washington, D.C.: 500,000

Chicago: 150,000

New York City: 400,000

Los Angeles: At least 500,000

Boston: 100,000

Denver: 100,000

Madison, Wisconsin: 75,000 - 100,000

Oakland, California: 60,000

Philadelphia: 50,000

Seattle: 50,000

Austin, Texas: 35,000

Phoenix: 20,000

Atlanta: 15,000

Tallahassee, Florida: 14,000

Asheville, North Carolina: 10,000

Reno, Nevada: 10,000

Ithaca, New York: 10,000

Lansing, Michigan: 8,000 - 9,000

Boise, Idaho: 5,000

Montpelier, Vermont: 7,000

Memphis, Tennessee: 6,000

Trenton, New Jersey: 7,500

Seneca Falls, New York: 5,000

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 3,300

Binghamton, New York: 3,000

Naples, Florida: 2,500

Knoxville, Tennessee: 2,000

Rochester, New York: 2,000

Pensacola, Florida: 2,000

Pequannock, New Jersey: 800

Clemson, South Carolina: 500

Wycoff, New Jersey: 300

Redding, California: 300

Brighton, Michigan: 300

Green Bay, Wisconsin: 200


New York City

Los Angeles






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