I'm not waiting for you

Waiting for you is not

What I am supposed to do

Waiting implies without you

I am not complete

I know better

It is not you

But, God that planned my destiny

That's why I no longer wait

But I live a purposeful life

Mind focus on the love of Christ

So, I will hear well done

I give God my best

The day I enter the gates

After so many tries

I thought I could recognize

A true heart, wisdom, obedience, and love

Of the man of God who is to guide

That is not how it works

That's not how it is to be

There are simple truths

With them, you will be allowed to find me

I have learned, I can scream about my worth

Until my last days on earth

But, the distractor looks for a weakness

Preys on your thoughts

Will keep your mind bound

To the things of this earth

So like a palm tree with upward-reaching branches

I must keep, not only my hands and arms lifted high

But my thoughts on the Light

It's okay. It is not for all of you to understand

It is only for the one seeking God

Because he is the one

He is God's man

The other half of the vision

The one working just like me to complete God's mission

So don't be angry or disappointed

Because I don't entertain you

I am God's baby and I am busy doing what I am supposed to do

I am not for everybody

My mind and soul is reserved for that Godly man

He is my king we will build, grow for God is all powerful.

A Dedication to Carla And Every Proverbs 31 Woman.