Healthy Hacks During Winter
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Healthy Hacks During Winter

Important things to do during the winter season

Healthy Hacks During Winter

The winter season is usually a very busy but exciting one. having so many events to attend (family dinner, planning, and preparation for gift giving, having or attending holiday parties)etc. definitely, we have a lot of this to distract us from taking care of ourselves and paying attention to our health as we normally would do.

The aftermath of the holiday is usually terrible because they have been a deterioration in your body system and staying active will become a problem. By this time, most people start experiencing over anxiousness, due to the amount of spending they've done during the holidays and some depression.

A balanced lifestyle is something you need to cultivate this winter, as ignoring it may be dangerous to your health. You wouldn't want to endanger your health, would you? It's usually really difficult to stay fit and healthy during these shorter days with colder weather, and this at most times leads to the weakening of one's immune system and then increase the risk and chances of injury and illness.

One key pattern to prevent these health hazards is through recognizing the safer risk beforehand and finding a way to beat them. There are a variety of winter tips to help you stay fit and healthy during the period and beyond and that is exactly what you'll need this winter.

Here are some wellness tips for you this winter that will help keep you fit, healthy, up and running through the winter season and after.

Do Not Stop Your Regular Exercise

Aside from the fact that winter increases the chances and risk of having illness and injuries that are related to winter, it also has an overall effect on our health as a whole and at most times, this is due to the lack of regular exercise.

You don't have to always hit the gym to show that you've had your daily exercise, just by walking daily can keep you warm, and get the task done. This is because, with the colder and shorter day, establishing a routine is really difficult. Maintaining proper and right diet will in most cases keep you from illness, but with the right amount of exercise added, you increase your chance of having an injury and illness-free winter. Though it's hard for you to exercise in the cold, it's very necessary for your health.

Sleep Well

The side effect that comes with lack of sleep is very high and one of which is that it makes you more vulnerable to catching a cold. Not having enough sleep can lead to a decrease in the level of white blood cell that helps in fighting infections in your body. During winter, you should aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Your body needs it.

Get Yourself a humidifier

With a humidifier in your home, the risk of you contacting any infection that comes with the cold weather is very low and this is because it is very impossible for bacteria to travel in a moist air like that of a humidifier. Not only does a humidifier help reduce infection risk, but also help improve sleep. Using a humidifier can prevent you from snoring and give you a more comfortable sleep as required during this period.

More Fruits and Vegetables

The temptation of filling up yourself with outside and unhealthy food rises during the winter period. Notwithstanding, it is of utmost importance that your diet still consists of at least five portions of vegetables or fruit on a daily basis. You can have a variety of vegetables that comes with winter (parsnip, peas, carrots, turnips either made into soup or roasted, swede) etc. as for the juice lovers, keep the sugary treat aside and try the Satsuma or juicy clementine instead. You can use these vegetables to make meals for the family. It will go a long way to keeping you healthy through the winter period.

Increase Your Milk Consumption

Your chances of catching a cold this winter are really high, so you have to prepare your immune system for it, by keeping it in a tip-top condition. In order to get your immune system ready, consumption of dairy and milk products such as yogurt, cheese, and fromage frais can do the trick. These products are an amazing source of vitamin A and vitamin B12, Protein and then calcium to help keep your bones strong.

Rather than the full-fat or the low-fat plain yogurts, you should go for the semi-skimmed that contains just 1% or better still, go for the skimmed milk.

Stay Hydrated

It's the idea of most people that they only need to drink more water when it's hot, but mind you, there is a chance that during winter, you can lose up to or even more than 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. At most times, we confuse being dehydrated for being hungry, so it is of utmost importance to stay hydrated so as to check our consumption of calories.

You should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. If that's really difficult for you, then you should consider taking fruits that have contain water naturally.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

High level of stress can increase one's chances of catching a cold and flu. During winter seasons, it is advisable to work reasonably so as to reduce stress. Bring out time from you're your working hour to spend with family and friends.

Avoid Consumption of Sugar

You should minimize or if possible, totally avoid the consumption of any product that contains sugar, high fructose syrup, agave, artificial sweeteners, brown sugars etc. Sugar at most times limits the ability of your white blood cell to fight the bacteria and virus present in your body due to the season

Try and Get Sunbath

Along with the stress lowering aid, having a walk on a sunny day will help boost the level of vitamin D. with the right amount of vitamin D in your body system, your immune system will easily recognize any kind of pathogens and provide response against them immediately. This prevents you from catching a cold or flu as this task (walking in the sun) cuts your chances of catching flu by %50.


Listed and explained above, are few but important things to do during the winter season, in order to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy all through the season.

Have a wonderful HOLIDAYS!

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