Morgan Wallen And FGL Summer Playlist

If You Need The Perfect Windows Down Playlist, These 15 Morgan Wallen & FGL Songs Are Just What You Need

Honestly, they're the only artists you need.

Sounds Like Nashville

ICYMI: Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line are at the top of the country music charts.

If you're looking to create the perfect windows down playlist, check out these popular hits and latest music by both artists:

1. American Nights - Morgan Wallen 

2. Can't Say I A'int Country - FGL

3. Happy Hour - Morgan Wallen 

4. Cruise - FGL 

5. Had Me By Halftime - Morgan Wallen 

6. Smooth - FGL 

7. The Way I Talk - Morgan Wallen 

9. Redneck Love Song - Morgan Wallen 

10.  Get Your Shine On - FGL 

11.  Chain Smokin' - Morgan Wallen 

12.  Every Night - FGL 

13.  Whatcha Know 'Bout That - Morgan Wallen 

14.  Small Town - FGL 

15.  Up Down - Morgan Wallen and FGL 

Add these songs to your phone and make the best playlist for your summer road trips!

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