5 Reasons Self Love Should Be One of Your Top Priorities
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5 Reasons Self Love Should Be One of Your Top Priorities

Why not love yourself?

5 Reasons Self Love Should Be One of Your Top Priorities

One of the biggest life lessons I've learned in my lifetime is how to love myself. It's such a simple sounding lesson, but by far one of the hardest I've had to learn.

Loving yourself is made up of several factors. Here are 5 reasons why loving yourself is a life lesson everyone should learn.

Loving yourself can give you better mental health

Mental health is a big issue, but when you love yourself mental health tends to rise.

You become more positive

Loving yourself comes from the inside out, and it can reflect on the outside too. The more positive you are the more good that you will see in the world and this will lead to better mental health and you will all of a sudden see yourself in a different, more confident, and loving way.

You'll be happier

Loving yourself, like loving others can bring happiness. The way we look in the mirror or think about ourselves directly affects how we feel\, whether we're happy or not. It does not start from the outside in most of the time, but when we make strides to become healthier, including loving ourselves it makes us feel better.

You will learn to accept your mistakes and faults

We all have them. We've all made mistakes but when you love yourself those things will just become another learning lesson for yourself. Once you start accepting that you make mistakes and that you can grow the self love will become natural.

You'll make yourself proud

We all want to prove people wrong, but proving ourselves wrong and the "you can't do that" voices in our head stop us. When you start loving yourself those voices start to change and they become "you can do this" and "wow I really accomplished that". You start believing in yourself because you know that you're doing what is best for you, not just doing things you don't want to do to prove someone wrong.

So what is stopping you from loving yourself? Work to answer that. And if you already can answer that question, strive to change it. Well don't necessarily change yourself but accept yourself and love how you function, think and feel. Because the most authentic, self-confident and happiest people do love themselves.

There are too many pros to loving yourself to not think about it. It's not easy and it's a daily priority. But it is so worth it. If your self love builds then so will your confident, self respect, and expectations of the world. Along with that, you'll start seeing the good in the world rather than the negative. It's something I think we all need a little bit of that right now with everything going on in the world.

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