Why You Should Listen To Songs By Pink
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Why You Should Listen To Songs By Pink

Why You Should Listen To Songs By Pink
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“Made a wrong turn once or twice. Dug my way out blood and fire. Bad decisions that’s all right. Welcome to my silly life” (“Perfect” by Pink). This is the opening from one of my favorite songs by Pink. Why? Because the first few lines of the song highlight the personal struggles of self-acceptance that everyone from all walks of life can relate to. The song, Perfect, has proven to be a motivation for people to accept every part of themselves and to not be ashamed of their identity. Pink as a singer and also as a songwriter, manages to find a way to relate to her audience by relying on powerful messages, raw singing, and a unique range of song tempos that are both fast and upbeat and slow and poignant, allowing the listeners on the radio to hear all that Pink has to offer and take her more seriously. Perhaps if other pop artists followed her example and composed more songs that featured emotional depth and soul, then they would earn more respect from the generations that came before the young people who hear this music on a daily basis. Now I know that some of you may be familiar with Pink and some of you may not, and with that being said, I encourage those of you who have not listened to a lot of songs by Pink to take the time to at least give the songs by Pink a try. Who knows? Maybe you can find a way to connect with the message of one or more of her songs in your own way. I know that I did touch on one theme that are prevalent in many hit singles by Pink, but there are so many other themes and messages besides self-acceptance, that have left such a positive impact for so many people throughout the world.

For instance, the song "Try" serves as a song that encourages people to not give up and to keep pushing through with steel determination. This song can definitely be used to spark ambition and hard work amongst the youth who would prefer to just cruise through life and not take any responsibility, for it teaches them what real life is all about. And I know that I can personally relate to this song because I have gone through so many obstacles in my life and have had to overcome a lot of doubt which has turned me into a stronger individual.

Speaking of strength, Pink has written many songs that deal with female empowerment such as "18 Wheeler", "Respect" and "The King is Dead But the Queen is Alive". These hits call for women to unite and come together to fight any injustice that they encounter, continue to fight for respect and to not give in, as well as serve as a confidence builder, which is something that every girl and woman needs to hear, especially since females have had to battle for so many rights and freedoms granted to males throughout history. And Pink doesn’t stop there. She also composes singles that touch on tomboy pride or defying female stereotypes, inspiring women to carve their own paths and to not follow the crowd through such songs like "Stupid Girls"and "Most Girls". So for the ladies who are sick and tired of hearing hits that constantly discuss rocky relationships and hard partying, then I would definitely recommend listening to some or all of these hits on Spotify, Pandora or however you listen to music because these songs are so inspiring and empowering to females from all backgrounds.

Tying back to my previous statement, there are a few songs that Pink has written that involves romantic troubles and partying such as "Blow Me One Last Kiss", "True Love", "So What", "U + Ur Hand", "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Raise Your Glass", however Pink doesn’t hit you with the same message again and again for she finds unique ways to voice these topics. The fact that there is a greater variety of topics discussed in Pink’s songs than most pop songs heard today just shows one of the reasons why Pink, in my opinion is one of the top contemporary artists out there.

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with Pink’s music, you will definitely not be disappointed by what Pink has put out to the world. Her songs are catchy, addicting, and are both uplifting and powerful, with this raw and down-to earth quality to her sound and writing that really tugs on people’s heart strings and helps create a sense of unity. So now it’s time to raise your glass and your voice, crank up the volume on your phone and blast songs by Pink all night long.

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