6 Reasons Why I Listen to Audiobooks

When you've become an adult, work a job, go to college etc. "reading for fun" really becomes a rare commodity. Especially in my case, working a full time job and being an English major, when I already have 20 books to read per semester for my classes. Too often, it seems like there's never time to just sit down and read a good book. What's the solution? I've tried everything, from reading before bed (snoooooozzeee), to reading 20 pages a day or in between classes. But nothing has helped me keep reading more than Audiobooks. They have truly saved my life. Here's some reasons why:

1. You can listen while you commute.

2. You can listen while you're at the gym.

3. You can listen while you clean (it might make the act more enjoyable too...)

4. They are MUCH more portable than physical books.

5. Audiobooks can be inexpensive. With subscription services like audible, and public domains, you can get a lot of books for a little money!

6. And lastly, you'll be AMAZED with how many books you can get through!

so what are YOU waiting for?

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