Why I'm Excited To See 'Deadpool'
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Why I'm Excited To See 'Deadpool'

Don't forget to wear the brown pants.

Why I'm Excited To See 'Deadpool'
Deadpool Being Deadpool

As it has been advertised, spoken of and announced in every form imaginable, the newest "super hero" movie, "Deadpool," is expected to have a huge reception as it debuts on Feb. 12, 2016. Personally, I've always loved Deadpool, beginning with his comics and his progression to popularity from the game and TV show appearances, but even with the hype there is a lot of cool things that will finally be coming to the big screen from the world of this anti-hero. From LGBTQ representation, hilarious advertising and actually attempting to use the movie for good, here are some of the reasons why I'm excited to see "Deadpool."

1. He literally is a spin-off character. His existence is a joke.

Wade Wilson was "conceptualized" after the DC universe character Deathstroke. First appearing as a villain in "The New Mutants," and using the word "conceptualized" loosely, Rob Liefeld has been known to base characters off of other established ones. Regardless of the intention for the assassin, it's pretty obvious in just the names as well. Wade Wilson / Slade Wilson, Deadpool / Deathstroke...you obviously get the picture.

2. Deadpool has an interesting love life.

An uncanny person to see when it comes to LGBTQ representation, but none the less I'll take it. From romantic and sexual implications towards Spider Man, Death and more, it only makes more sense to see Deadpool to embrace his pansexual identity.

3. The references he makes are just pure gold.

What other character shouts, "Leeroooy Jennnkinss!" and laughs at the word traps...like seriously?

4. Despite being a mercenary, he does try to be good...sometimes.

Despite the new movie portraying him as a "super hero," the anti-hero has been known to cater to the highest payer. However, he has been known to do the right thing...sometimes at least.

5. Deadpool cares about you.

To be quite honest, this is definitely a part of the genius that is the marketing team of Deadpool, but at least they pick something positive to talk about, that being testicular cancer. Thanks Deadpool.

6. Despite what others may think, the Deadpool game was seriously the best.

From fighting badies to slapping Wolverine in the face for a solid five minutes to the fourth-wall breaking, this game was a masterpiece.

7. The constant breaking of the fourth wall.

Being one of the most notable things about him, with his various personalities constantly talking to each other, to the player, to the reader and hopefully to the movie in some way, Deadpool certainly has a way with words.

8. Deadpool doesn't give a flying firetruck.

As previously stated, his charismatic and insane self will do whatever he wants honestly, including giving you a one-star review on Yelp.

9. Despite this, his weakness is kittens...seriously.

10. The marketing team has their "poopL" together.

Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth, chimichanga extraordinaire, whatever it is that you call him, it is super cool and exciting to finally see him in a movie all his own. I hope that Ryan Reynolds does him justice. With these reasons and so many more, (literally there is too many to write about,) it is safe to say this movie is well deserved and well needed.

"Call Me!"

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