Why Everyone Should Be Watching 'Orphan Black'
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Why Everyone Should Be Watching 'Orphan Black'

Why Everyone Should Be Watching 'Orphan Black'
BBC America

Chance are you’re just now hearing about BBC America’s science fiction show "Orphan Black." If you've been indulging in the fast-paced drama about human clones all along, then you understand that Orphan Black often doesn't get the credit that it deserves. Tatiana Maslaney, the lead actress, was only recently nominated for an Emmy even though she is basically the entire cast of a show. How many other actors can say that? Yet Tatiana Maslaney's talent is only one of the main reasons why everyone should be watching "Orphan Black."

1. Sarah Manning is the antihero the world deserves.

"Orphan Black" begins with con woman Sarah Manning seeing another woman who looks exactly like her on a public transit platform, right before that woman, who we later find out is Beth, jumps to her death in front of a moving train. Sarah then steals Beth's identity, and plans to clean out her accounts. But her plan goes awry when she begins to discover more about her identity.

Manning is a deeply flawed character, but viewers watch her evolve as she comes to terms with her past mistakes.

2. Alison Hendrix may be a suburban soccer mom, but she's far from a walking stereotype.

Hendrix is one of the more humorous characters, but she isn't just kept around for the comedic relief. Viewers see Hendrix struggle with her secret clone identity, the social structure at the cul-de-sac, and addiction.

3. Cosima is the lovable, brilliant geek that has viewers crushing hard.

I mean, look at that smile. How could you not love Cosima? This San Francisco native manages to steal hearts all while she's making scientific breakthroughs in the lab. Because being smart is sexy.

4. There's no one more bad-ass on the show than Helena.

Ukrainian native Helena may be deadly, yet she's also kind of adorable. When Helena isn't protecting her seestras, she's more than likely munching on something delicious. Her relationship with food is probably the most relatable part of the show.

6. Rachel may be a villain, but at least she's a damn good one.

Rachel, the only clone that grew up self-aware, is one of the main antagonists that works against the other women. But damn, she may be kind of evil yet she does it well.

7. Did we mention that all of these characters are played by the same woman?

And these aren't even all the characters that Maslaney plays -- they're just the main ones. If that's not talent, then I don't know what is.

8. The characters aren't defined by their sexual orientation.

"Orphan Black" allows their characters to be people. The writers don't make a characters sexuality their main attribute.

9. And positive representation of gay characters does make a difference.

It made a difference in that person's life.

8. There's even a transgender character.

Media has improved in the past few years with transgender representation from Caitlyn Jenner to Laverne Cox in "Orange is the New Black." But in a world where trans people are still incredibly marginalized, every bit of positive representation that allows people to see these individuals as people helps.

9. The script is flipped, and the women are finally the ones whose story is being told.

In case you didn't notice, the women in this show are the main focus. And they all kick some serious ass. But what's even more impressive is that "Orphan Black" has created a world where all different types of women are represented.

10. But that doesn't mean the men aren't awesome as well.

In male-centered media, the men are usually the one's who are in the center of the action and the women are typically just there to react. The men in "Orphan Black" may not be the center of attention, but none of the characters fall flat. There's plenty of character development, and moments where the men shine.

11. And then, there's the best man of them all -- Felix.

12. If you're still not convinced you should binge watch "Orphan Black" right this second, maybe this impeccable twerking scene will change your mind.

It is glorious.

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