Why December Sucks
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Why December Sucks

This is the TRUTH about December.

Why December Sucks

I absolutely love the month of December for 2 reasons: the end of the semester AND Christmas!!!!! I mean, it's a holiday almost everyone looks forward to every year! BUT, December is also kind of the worst month in the entire world. Here's why:

1) Deadlines

Since it's the last month of the semester and the year, December is just a huge month of deadlines. You need to plan your entire month around because your schedule becomes 700x more intense during the month of December - there's absolutely no free time!

2) Shopping for Gifts

On top of all the deadlines and work that tripled since December 1st, you also need to think about and shop for thoughtful, caring gifts for your family and friends! Another aspect of December to stress your month out even more... Thank God for online shopping.

3) Finals Week aka Hell Week

Perhaps one of the worst weeks of the entire year, which happens to fall upon a 2-week period in (coincidence?) December, is Finals Week. Hell Week, as it is more commonly known as, is when (for some reason) all of your final projects, exams, and presentations are due... ALL IN THE SAME WEEK. And then the next week, is FINAL EXAMS for those same classes. AND, you still have to squeeze in going to cry in your professor's office during his/her hours. In short, THERE ISN'T ANY TIME.

4) Traveling

Additionally, to add to the giant December to-do list, you have to make travel plans to go back home if you're out-of-state. If you want to go home earlier, you have to schedule your take-home exams and final essays around your plane travels in the middle of the week. Going home early is both amazing and hard because once you get there, you want to sleep for the rest of time and never think about school or deadlines ever again... But, look at that, you have 3 final papers due in 13 hours... *sigh*


All right, I'm from Texas and let me just say that we do NOT like the cold.At all. We cry every time we have to dig out the big coats for 60 degree weather. We tear up when we see that the sun is not going to be of any help for the next couple of months. We scream every time we step outside our front door and it's uncomfortably cold... and then we have to sit in our car waiting for it to heat up. The cold is probably the worst part about December.

6) Fake Comfort

Now, once the intense and stressful 2 weeks in the middle of December are over, you're in a peaceful state of mind, which is so incredibly nice. You deserve that peace! You worked hard all semester, studied for your exams, pulled God knows how many all-nighters... But, it is all fake. You see, December comes around all jolly and happy BUT THEN, January comes from around the corner and clocks you in the face, leaving a giant bruise that will take weeks to heal. In other words, January comes in with ANOTHER huge to-do list as you prepare for the New Year with new deadlines, classes, and responsibilities that you're not even close to being ready to even think about.

Now like I said, I LOVE December, but these are just some reasons why I also hate it, which was inspired by the hilarious video below. Anyway, I hope y'all have an amazing winter break and happy holidays!!!

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