Which “Bachelor In Paradise” Contestant Are You Based On Your Personality Type?
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Which “Bachelor In Paradise” Contestant Are You Based On Your Personality Type?

The romance, the drama, the awkward conversations: how would you handle the Sayulita heat? With just your Meyers-Briggs type, I can tell you which Season 6 contestant you have the most in common with.

Which “Bachelor In Paradise” Contestant Are You Based On Your Personality Type?

I have been thoroughly obsessed with the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for years. I love to guess the personality types of my friends and my favorite TV and movie characters. Only recently, however, was I sucked into the "Bachelor in Paradise" craze. So, I thought: what better way to combine the two than to assign a contestant to every type?

If you want to find out which BIP cast member you're most like, or you want to see your compatibility with your personal favorite contestant — you're welcome, because I've done the hard work for you.

For anyone unfamiliar with the MBTI, the easiest (and cheapest, as you would have to pay for the real thing) way to find out your type is by taking the test at 16personalities.com. To learn about the other personalities, here is a quick, comprehensive guide.

Once you have your results, it's time to find out the contestant from Season 6 of "Bachelor in Paradise" with whom you have the most in common (according to my unnecessarily thorough calculations).

To Playa Escondida we go...

Meet the contestants:

ABC and Kristian Haggerty

Here are my picks for which cast member best represents each personality type. I used their conversations and actions on the beach as well as their "real-life" jobs to pick the contestants I felt showcased the 16 types most effectively. Keep reading to see why your contestant fits your type and how you would likely fare on the beach!

INTJ: Derek Peth

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

Although you're very independent, you're a true romantic at heart... sometimes to a fault. You are open and honest about your feelings, but only with the people you trust. In paradise, you would set your sights on finding "the one" instead of keeping your options open... which could lead to true love — or, like Derek, devastating heartbreak.

INTP: Connor Saeli

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You're probably not sure how you even ended up in paradise. You just want to find a healthy relationship and all the drama along the way really frustrates you. You make decisions based on facts, not feelings, and have a hard time understanding "illogical" reasoning. Let's just hope your boss doesn't fire you for taking so much time off for this...

ENTJ: Blake Horstmann

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

In life, you're used to getting your way. People generally like you and are happy to comply with your strategic plans. In paradise, however, things may get a little more complicated. It will be confusing and frustrating when people don't take your side for once... but, ultimately, you will find your way to real love and happiness. You always do.

ENTP: Jordan Kimball

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You have strong feelings about pretty much everything, and you're not afraid to express those feelings. Standing up for what you believe in can be admirable, and sometimes a call-out is necessary... but if you find yourself breaking into a fistfight with another contestant over a piñata, dashing your chance at love, maybe it's time to reevaluate your priorities.

INFJ: Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Bachelor in Paradise

You always see the best in people, sometimes glossing over red flags in the process — whether it's a creepy mustache, playboy past, or nomadic lifestyle (and that's putting it nicely). That optimism can help you push past initial impressions when you first step on the beach... but if you're not careful, you may forget what you wanted out of the relationship.

INFP: Tahzjuan Hawkins

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

The pressure of so many first impressions will hit you even harder than the heat. As much as you want to find a perfect fit, your high expectations aren't likely to be met. Maybe take a breather from fighting for a rose and just make some friends! Get to know yourself better. And, if all else fails, you can always go pick up trash on the beach or something...

ENFJ: John Paul Jones

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You love meeting new people and making them laugh, so paradise is kind of your element. But there's a lot more to you than just your fun exterior. If you start to feel like the people around you are underestimating your intellectual depth, your feelings will get hurt REAL quick. At the end of the day, though, you're just searching for a connection... I hope you find it.

ENFP: Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You're a kind, upbeat person who just wants to have fun. You love spontaneity but also value commitment. When you hit the beach, you're searching for a partner who feels the same way. Unfortunately, your sociable nature may lead you to incorrectly assume that your inseparable other half is on the same page... which might mean closing the book.

ISTJ: Kristian Haggerty

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

Paradise isn't somewhere you ever pictured yourself... but you would do just about anything for the person you love. You are a naturally practical person, not overly idealistic, but you know what you want and you will fight for it. It can be hard for you to express your feelings, but you are a genuine, hardworking person who will give your all to your other half.

ISFJ: Dylan Barbour

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You have a huge heart and will always put others before yourself. In paradise, this looks like putting your soul into winning over the person you start to fall in love with. Like Dylan, you will do anything and everything to make your partner happy, even if that means risking your own happiness. Hopefully, your Hannah will choose you, too.

ESTJ: Kristina Schulman

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

Whether you see her as a no-nonsense negotiator or a master manipulator, everyone can agree that Kristina had the beach in the palm of her hand this season. As an ESTJ, you're an expert at managing the people around you... but will that do you any good when it comes to finding love?

ESFJ: Katie Morton

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

As a naturally caring and social person, it can be hard to find yourself falling faster than your partner. Even if you don't "self-sabotage" like Katie, being with a Chris who is less expressive of his feelings can be hard for you. Your paradise experience could be great with the right person... but public vulnerability makes a difficult relationship even harder.

ISTP: Chris Bukowski

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

If you're anything like your BIP counterpart, you're probably a bit of a serial monogamist. You like everything in your life to be in order, you always want to be working on something, and self-reflection isn't your favorite way to spend time. So when a relationship doesn't come easily, you may find it easier to call it quits. Well, nothing in paradise is ever easy.

ISFP: Hannah Godwin

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You're a bit of a free spirit, so being tied down to one partner in paradise might be scary at first. If you find your Dylan on the beach, your biggest challenge will be getting in touch with yourself — are you ready for a serious relationship? Will your kindness and sensitivity win out, or will your carefree, adventurous side prevail? Just please avoid Blake.

ESTP: Dean Unglert

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You're the ultimate thrill-seeker, and you're only in paradise for the ride... until you're not. The very idea of feeling real sparks with another contestant terrifies you and might make you want to run away. Or drive away. In your van/house. But you have a sharp mind and a good heart — the same impulse for danger that sent you fleeing may just draw you back.

ESFP: Demi Burnett​

Bachelor in Paradise via Giphy

You're the life of the party, and you know it. Sometimes you get a little weird, but everyone loves you. Unfortunately, you don't always see yourself the same way. You have a hard time feeling like you deserve happiness and are tempted to stay in dying relationships to protect your partner. Commitment scares you, but when you find your person, #lovewins.

So, there you have it: the 16 personality types as "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants. Whether you love or hate your results (for the record, I gave myself Tahzjuan who literally had a full mental breakdown on the beach, so I promise there's no bias here), hopefully you enjoyed this fun quiz which took me an incredibly long time to complete. Let me know who you got and how accurate the comparison was, and be sure to tune in next year to see me go through this painstaking (but very fun?) process all over again!

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