Where, Oh Where, Has My Quarterback Gone?!
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Where, Oh Where, Did My Quarterback Go?!

It's time to start pointing the finger at Seattle's celebrity QB, Russell Wilson

Where, Oh Where, Did My Quarterback Go?!
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The way that Seattle's offense played for 3 quarters in their 24-17 loss against The Bears gave me plenty of time to sleep. Quite frankly, the way the Seahawks have played at the end of last year, and now at the start of this year, would put anybody to sleep (Seattle is 1-5 in their last 6 regular season games).

Let's admit it: We all love Russell Wilson.

As a rookie, he beat out Matt Flynn for the starting job and has changed the landscape of this franchise. He's the first Seattle quarterback to bring the city a victorious Super Bowl. His work at Seattle Children's Hospital could make anybody's heart grow three sizes. He's the kind of quarterback any team would be so grateful to have...But it's time to realize that Seattle's downfall is not just coming from the Defensive side of the ball, it's coming from the dude who throws it.

When Russell came to the Seahawks in 2012 after being drafted 3rd Round, Seahawks football has never looked better. The days of Mike Holmgren's Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselbeck, Walter Jones (Bandwagon fans have no clue who these greats are) were great, but a questionably officiated Super Bowl XL kept those guys from reaching the Mountain Top. And thank you Matt Hasselbeck for a remarkable career in Seattle, but let's get one thing straight, Russ is the man! From his 23-game winning drives, to games I'll remember forever such as the 2013 NFC Championship against San Francisco, the 2014 NFC Championship comeback where Russell threw four picks, yet still managed to beat Green Bay are moments that are locked in my memory bank.

But he has become a celebrity quarterback and is struggling to be the RW3 we previously knew.

Remember when Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo were a thing and the media saw them as this powerful sports celebrity couple? But do you also remember when Romo struggled while dating Simpson and the Cowboys disappointed their fans? I am starting to get a similar feeling regarding Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara.

I am NOT putting the blame on Ciara, although I believe Russell has recently put his celebrity status above his football.

We saw pictures on Russell's Instagram of him and Ciara at the beach, doing God only knows what while the Seahawks were in their Bye Week.

I realize he's human and should spend time with his new family, but this is also coming from the same quarterback who was "Always the first one out ready for practice and the last one to leave". Athletes have plenty of time in the offseason to do what they choose, but Russell has continued to go on vacations in the Bye Weeks, only to come back the following week and play like crap.

Russell also earned a four-year, $87.6 million contract extension in 2015, making him Seattle's guaranteed franchise QB. With Super Bowl appearances, Playoff games, a celebrity relationship, and tons of endorsements for Alaska Airlines, Look Larson, Levi's, Eat The Ball, it's no wonder we've seen a dip in his game.

The Seahawks have been slowly sinking under Pete Carroll these last few seasons; fan favorite Pro Bowl players are no longer with the team, the running game has not looked the same ever since the departure of Marshawn Lynch, and although the Offensive Line has been a laughing stock...there comes a time we have to start blaming Russell for some of the sacks. A perfect example would be the Seahawks first two games, Russell has been sacked 12 times, and he's admitted that he's at fault for half of those sacks.

Hey Russ, throw the ball away!

Under new Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Russell has looked uncomfortable as they've tried to get him to stay in the pocket, but he's not a pocket passer! He moves around to make plays, and at least when he runs like a chicken with its head cut off, he'll run for a few yards. His worst game by far came recently against Da Bears on Monday Night Football.

The team was missing LBs Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright, and star WR Doug Baldwin. I truly believed the defense would have a long night, but backups Austin Calitro and soon to be jailbird (true story) Mychal Kendricks did a great job, as did the rest of the defense who gave up 17 points against Mitch Tribisky's offense. When the Seahawks were down 17-10 and the D made another stop, Russell made (as Pete Carroll called it) "uncharacteristic decisions". First, by looking straight at RB Rashaad Penny and throwing it for an easy Pick-6 by Prince Amukamara that anybody could've seen coming. On the next drive, Russell once again held onto the ball too long for a fumble and Bears recovery.

This is not my Quarterback.

My quarterback makes risky, yet bold decisions to trust that his receivers are going to make the play. My quarterback doesn't (usually) hang onto the ball and take repeated sacks game after game. My quarterback makes game-winning TD drives with few seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. My quarterback once told Pete Carroll in the 2013 NFC Championship to "go for it", where he would connect with Jermaine Kearse to give the Seahawks a lead. My quarterback is the first one out on the field, and the last one to leave.

But my quarterback also married a Hollywood singer. My quarterback has endorsement deals. My quarterback has been making uncharacteristic 4th quarter decisions.

Before you start blaming the defense for the fall of this team, before you start questioning Pete Carroll's future in Seattle, before you start demanding Germain Ifedi's head on a stick...take a look at Russell Wilson. The quarterback is always going to be the hero, or the most hated person after the game (unless it comes down to a last second FG) and we should all start to realize it's okay to blame Russell once in a while. That beat-up Seahawks defense on Monday Night did just enough to make that game winnable. Russell Wilson, for the second consecutive week, failed to deliver that clutch drive to make the 12s loud and proud.

PS: I realize I'm 0-2 on my Seahawks Predictions, but I'm confident that they'll get their first W of the season at home against Dallas. Don't make me look silly Seahawks, get it done!

Picks: Seahawks 24 Cowboys 23

UW 31 ASU 16 (Nice win against Utah the previous weekend, Dawgs! Scary dominant defense, but Browning continues to worry me).

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