When I Get Where I'm Going
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When I Get Where I'm Going

These are definitely some questions I'd ask to God if I ever get the chance

When I Get Where I'm Going
Scoopnest-Adam Braun

Sometimes I wonder what it's going to be like if I am able to stand in front of God on judgment day. What's He going to be like? How am I going to act? Although these questions are important, I also believe that I've spent quite a chunk of my life wondering what I'd ask God if he were sitting right in front of me? What would I want to talk to him about? And after I am on my hands and knees in awe of Christ the King, here are some things that I'd want to ask God when I get to heaven:

Did you ever laugh at things I said?

Maybe it's just me, but I like to treat God like my best friend a lot of times, well because He is. Sure, I talk to God seriously when I pray. I tell him about my life when it doesn't make sense, but I laugh with God too. I tell him jokes. I'm sarcastic. I admit that he knows what He's doing, and He could play the "I told you so card" anytime He wants, and I would (reluctantly at times) crack a smile.

I think I'd want to know this because, ideally, it makes Him more personal to me. That He would take time out of His demanding schedule to laugh with me. I think it is said often that God has a sense of humor because, well, look at humanity. Have you seen some of these crazy, awesome, and strange people? I think he created us with the intention of bringing joy to people, and with a sense of humor like that, I'd like to think he's laughed with me (and maybe even at me) a good bit. Whether it's my terrible road rage, insanely good pick-up lines (I'm definitely single), or boldness to ask questions that people wouldn't dare think of. So, are you laughing at my words, God?

Did you ever laugh at the things I did?

Some days, I am a total idiot. I can say that because it's true. I don't make the best decisions always, and throughout the heartbreak of situations, I know God isn't laughing at me because he's probably broken with me. But stupid little day to day things I do, I think God probably laughs at me. Whether it's falling down the stairs of a public building or making people feel incredibly awkward with being exactly who I am, I'm sure God has chuckled at me a time or two.

I think I'd want to know this because I know God created me with humor fully intended. I am not the most eloquent with my actions, but I sure have learned to adapt (this world has a lot of stairs okay), so thank you, God, for that strength. I wonder if he laughs at the fact that I cannot dance worth a nickel, and I'm sure he laughs at my facial expressions in response to other people's actions or sentences spoken. My face is literally a billboard for every single emotion made public, and I'd like to think that probably makes people almost as uncomfortable as they make me. I'm sure he laughs at me when I act like a fool in public or maybe he's just laughing at himself for making someone so awkward. So, are you laughing at me, God?

I think there are a lot of things I'd love to know about God, His creations, and His thoughts. I know I'll probably too overwhelmed to actually speak, but hey, if I ever get past that, we've got an eternity, right God?

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