What We Have Forgotten About Love
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What We Have Forgotten About Love

Do we even know what it means to love or be loved?

What We Have Forgotten About Love

Love: the four letter word that almost every human being searches for. A feeling of unconditional satisfaction and happiness. The word "love" is so ambiguous in today's society, but it's still something we put a lot of meaning on. In today's culture, I think we have forgotten what it means to love and be loved.

1. Love is not infatuation.

It's easy to confuse the two when you first meet someone and you always want to be with them and they make you smile and you can't stand to be away from them. You talk to them all day everyday and walk to class together. Look a little closer before you consider this love, though.

2. Love can happen anywhere.

There isn't a time frame. Love is gradual and it could be years until you truly love someone. Love is genuine when you become comfortable self-disclosing what makes you who you the other person.

3. Love can go the distance.

Distance is nothing when love is in the equation. Love will follow you no matter how far you are apart and if it is real love, it will still be there when you meet up again.

4. Love doesn't take breaks.

If love is truly intertwining a couple in a relationship, breaks will not occur. Love doesn't need breaks. When you truly love someone, it is always there. Even when you are the angriest, love will always be there too.

5. Love is not control.

Just because you love someone does not mean you control them. Actually, it is the quite opposite. Love comes with many stipulations and one of them is trust. Telling you partner what to do, what to wear, how to eat, etc., is not love. That is simply being controlling.

6. Love is unconditional.

Love does not discriminate. Love is love regardless of gender. It is all about the relationship. It is not something that is there only sometimes, but every moment of every day, no matter what the situation.

7. You can't stop loving overnight.

If what you have with someone is truly love, it cannot go away in 24 hours. Love takes time. Just like falling in love is gradual, so is falling out of love. Those feelings take a long time to work through and understand.

8. Not everyone loves the same way.

We are all unique and one thing we typically forget is that the way one person loves can be different from the next. Words of affirmation or acts of service could be the way you express love, but that isn't the same for everyone. We need to know what we can do that makes our partner feel loved because it might not be what you need to feel loved.

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