If you've ever played around on buzzfeed or are a bit of an Anglophile (a person who admires England) you have probably heard about the wonderful show that is "The Great British Bake Off". However, if you haven't, let's talk about it then! "The Great British Bake Off" is a nationwide baking competition where, 12 amateur baker's compete in three challenges each episode, while getting judged for their fantastic designs. One by one they are eliminated until three are left and the winner is then chosen. It's a pretty simple plot.

If you are a lover of all things sweet and have a constant need for baking pastries just for the fun of it this is something that you'll definitely love, as it provides a refreshing/different type of cooking show then you are used to viewing on channels like "The Food Network". Here's why:

First there's the opening credits. It has a good effect of being both calming and pretty while nurturing your inner foodie.

There is actually no cash prize!:

The people who participate in the show do it for their love of baking and in the end win basically bragging rights and a cake plate!

All the players are really polite with each other:

You would think with it being a competition tensions would be high, when in fact the contestants are always willing to help each other out if they have time and constantly encourage one another.

Until an accident like the Baked Alaska Scandal of 2014 happens.

There are some great designs!

Need I say more

So Many Puns

You end up feeling stressed when people start freaking out over their bakes.

Ahhh I just want you all to succeed!

In the end though it's just one of those great shows that holds your interest's and invests you in the skill all these talented people have. Plus, I mean it's about pastries what more do you need?

Where can you watch it: From time to time it is on netflix, you can find full episodes at PBS online and they also air episodes every Sunday evening.